Installment 3: September 6, 2013:
And confusion begat confusion. – The Underground Bible of Political Warnings

 Tyrants and Rebels 101

At the end of the previous installment, having said a bit about Syria, I said that in this installment I would discuss the United States – not a bad idea, considering what has transpired in the interim! Of course, because of the United States’ various economic, military, and espionage-related tentacles extending to all corners of this rounded off planet, one can always find links to discuss. We will get to all that in a minute, after a brief return to something brought to the table last time: Neptune’s transit square (90 degrees) the Mars-Uranus conjunction in Syria’s horoscope. Because Uranus symbolizes rebellious energies, and Mars symbolizes aggression, Neptune’s transit promises to disorganize aggressive rebel forces; the aspect also suggests deceptive action on the part of those forces. Because Neptune symbolizes poisons, the relevance of this aspect to recent use of chemical weapons, whether by the Assad government or by any of the various rebel units, seems clear.

At first glance, the symbolism, involving as it does rebellious forces, seems to suggest that those forces (Mars-Uranus) perpetrated the chemical-weapon attack (Neptune), and though other horoscope factors point in a different direction, as we will see, this connection (i.e. that the forces of rebellion used chemical weapons) remains one of the possibilities indicated by the symbolism. After all, Neptune’s square of Mars-Uranus suggests that Mars-Uranus (aggressive rebellion) undertakes a different form (square) in its actions, that new form involving something Neptunian. Included in the symbolism we see deception and the possible use of chemical weapons, perhaps causally related to the falling apart of whatever coherence the extremely diverse rebellion might possess.

On the other hand, because astrologers read transit aspects back to the natal horoscope, and because in that natal horoscope, Neptune squares the Capricorn Sun, a natal aspect suggesting deception practiced by and through the ruling hierarchy and/or the head of state, the transit (from Neptune to Mars-Uranus) can also suggest the use of chemical weapons by the head of state as a way to undermine and demoralize the rebellious forces (though if Assad knew anything about astrology, he would know that the rebellion doesn’t have all that much coherence, these days, and might undermine itself).

Of course, in situations marked so pervasively by Neptune, we will always have difficulty separating truth from illusion, accurate accounts from deceptions, and fog from what lies behind it. The marks of Neptune lie all over this situation, so all involved should take extreme care when they announce (as Obama has) that they know the truth. I suspect that if any reliable truth emerges, it will reveal deceptions perpetrated by all involved agents.

Barrack Obama wants to bomb Syria. As of this writing, he seems quite definite about that, though it remains unclear whether Congress will give its approval. Obama’s statements indicate certainty that the chemical weapons came from Assad and that the United States should therefore take actions, apparently to teach Assad some sort of lesson. Obama, apparently thinking he has one of those “teachable moments” of which he seems so fond, apparently thinks that he has taken a stand on principle and that he has done so because of obvious facts. Perhaps worth noting in all this: whether Obama teaches Assad a lesson or not, Neptune’s transit to Mars-Uranus suggests problems in the rebellious forces, an increasing disorganization and lack of unity that will undermine their efforts. At the same time, Pluto’s square to Syria’s natal Capricorn Sun suggests the death of the ruling hierarchy, the gods of the old regime. As for the United States taking a stand on principle – well, we will have more to say on that score in this and future installments.

The aspects to Syria’s horoscope suggest chaos on all fronts, an underworld full of rebellious, disparate, and disorganized violence (Neptune squaring Mars-Uranus), and underhanded efforts (Pluto) on the part of the old regime (Sun in Capricorn) as part of an effort to resist the inevitable changes already in motion. We can probably all agree that even if the regime survives in some form, the world over which it rules will have utterly and irrevocably changed.

How does the United States fit into all this? And what about Obama?

Obama Not Taking Care

Taking Obama first, we should note his Moon in the 4th degree (3 degrees 21 minutes) of Gemini, 2 degrees from Syria’s Mars-Uranus conjunction. The conjunction between Obama’s Moon and Syria’s Mars-Uranus would surely give him some sympathy with that movement. As I write, however, Neptune has moved in retrograde motion back to the 4th degree of Pisces, closely square that Moon, so for all his sympathy, Obama probably does not have a clear idea of what he wants to achieve or of the facts on the ground. Neptune transits bring confusion. Neptune square the Moon symbolizes confusion about emotional leanings and attachments, and most astrologers will recommend caution in launching major initiatives during such transits, for Neptune often induces one to play fast and loose with the facts, sometimes without even clearly seeing that one has done so. Neptune dissolves the boundary between conscious and unconscious mind, so the latter permeates a person’s thinking, often making it difficult to tell truth from delusion. Neptune also dissolves boundaries between self and other, so others can have undue influence on one’s actions; it also dissolves the boundary between truth and illusion – or delusion.

Remember that back in late June and early July, Neptune squared Syria’s Mars-Uranus; it will make the same aspect again three times: in February and March 2014, in September and October 2014, and again December 2014 through January 2015 – or, really, from September 2014 all the way through January 2015. Both Obama and the rebellious forces find themselves moving through a Neptunian fog, dealing with deceptions, and though some of those miasmas may emanate (so to speak!) from Syria’s old regime (Syria’s Sun-Neptune square), Obama and the rebels contribute their share.

Because Neptune transits, however wondrous they might be for one writing plays or fantasy novels, don’t seem like the most helpful influence for a sitting President. I doubt that Obama has the facts right; I suspect outside influences playing too great a role; and I suspect that he hasn’t taken sufficient note of the Neptunian quagmires characterizing the conflict he wants to enter. In this case, Neptune could also indicate deception, perhaps seeming to come from others, bur really having more to do with Obama’s willingness to deceive himself even if others seem to serve as agents for that deception.

In general, we make the worst mess of Neptune-influences when we convince ourselves that we know what we want and how to act; we generally do much better to admit doubt, to let our dreams remain as dreams and not insist that they represent the non-dream-world accurately. At such times, we should remind ourselves of Hindu ideas about maya.

Obama will soon experience transiting Saturn’s square of his natal Sun in Leo. Saturn symbolizes limitation and the reaping of karma: one experiences the effects of actions one has taken. Right now, TR Saturn sits right on Obama’s Neptune, suggesting concrete actions and forms arising out of Neptune: commitments arising from confusion, deception, or self-deception. The Sun-Neptune square in Obama’s natal horoscope tells us of his idealism, but those with the square often misplace their ideals. (I find it of more than passing interest that both Obama and Syria have a natal Sun-Neptune square. This similarity suggests that Obama has perhaps projected onto Syria his tendency to deceive himself and others.)

The United States

We could speak for hours about the United States, so we will need several more installments for even the most cursory discussion of the U.S. role in other countries’ affairs. The United States has its Cancer Sun in the 8th house, suggesting that the national vitality (Sun) draws much energy from the values or resources of others (8th), a pattern we can trace throughout the nation’s history, even back before 1776. First, the invaders took the land (the riches and resources) of its original inhabitants; now, centuries later, the invaders, well settled and having increased in power, spend inordinate amounts of time and money to take what belongs to people in distant lands, apparently heedless of the well-being of the people invaded, the land, or even the U.S. citizenry. The U.S. seems obsessively bent on taking whatever resources it can take from any country anywhere, regardless of resistance or harm done.

In future installments, we can trace the astrological markers of this historical pattern. For now, let’s look at current developments to the United States horoscope, in particular the movement of secondary progressed (SP) Mars, which again brings Neptune into the discussion because of the natal Mars-Neptune square (discussed below). Back in 2003, the year that the United States invaded Iraq, secondary progressed Mars turned retrograde in the United States horoscope. Secondary progressed Mars moves very slowly, and he had been gradually slowing down in the decades before 2003. That slowdown symbolizes the increased difficulty this country has had in using its military to good effect. As SP Mars slowed down, The U.S. had difficulties first in Korea, and later in Vietnam, where the U.S. forces could never achieve victory; later still, as the U.S. got itself more and more enmeshed in the Middle East, spinning its wheels in the sand, its military efforts usually doing more harm than good. The U.S. invasion of Iraq stands as a prime example.

Back around the time of Mars’ retrograde station, I gave public talks in which I noted two probable results of the retrograde turn: first, that the United States would no longer succeed in its military interventions; second, that aggression (Mars) would increasingly turn inward (retrograde), toward  American citizens instead of toward purported enemies. Both predictions have proven accurate.

Here, too, we read current developments back into the natal horoscope. In that horoscope – the chart cast for the Declaration of Independence – Mars in the 7th (the military engaging open enemies) squares Neptune in the 9th (deceptive national vision, as evident in such notions as Manifest Destiny, an idea spawned around the time of Neptune’s discovery). In future installments, we can look more carefully at this aspect, but now we can simply note that the aspect symbolizes confused or deceptive action, particularly action involving the military, with the deception coming from a misplaced national vision (natal Neptune in the 9th house). We can trace the manifestations of this aspect throughout history. Again and again, the U.S. has gone to war because of a series of deceptions. The Mexican War, which began in the same year that as Johann Galle’s discovery of Neptune (1846) began when the United States, on the most specious grounds imaginable, invaded Mexico and walked off with the vast tracts of land that we now call New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and California. The war began because of provocations initiated by U.S. forces but blamed on Mexicans. Later, the United States invaded the Philippines; later still, the United States got involved in WWI because of the massive deceptions and propaganda efforts of the Wilson administration (e.g. the Creel Commission, as well as the trade in arms with England; and some historians have argued that the U.S. entered the war because of the interests of J.P. Morgan, who had lent great sums to England that he wouldn’t have redeemed had England lost the war, as seemed likely before the United States formally entered). Clearly the Vietnam War began from a long series of deceptions, including but not limited to the so-called Bay of Pigs Incident. And then we had the invasion of Iraq, along with numerous other conflicts.  Mars-Neptune appears throughout.

(Readers may note that I don’t mention World War II. A discussion of this country’s involvement in that war would take us too far afield. Interested readers might wish to consult Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace, compiled and edited by Harry Elmer Barnes.)

As Mars slowed toward his retrograde station (2003), the United States struggled more and more to achieve its “objectives” in the wars it entered. One therefore shouldn’t expect any clarity or victory to emerge from any entrance into the Syrian conflict. Quite the contrary. Situations marked by Neptune – and here we see the mark appearing at every level: in the United States’ natal horoscope, in the retrograde station of SP Mar (bringing Neptune into the picture via the natal aspect), in Obama’s natal horoscope (Sun-Neptune square), in Neptune’s transit to Obama’s Moon, in Syria’s natal horoscope (Sun-Neptune square), and in the transits to that horoscope (TR Neptune square Mars-Uranus) – do not yield clarity. They yield swamps and areas of quicksand.

Next: more on the United States and Obama






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