At the conclusion of the previous installment, I more-or-less promised that I would go on to talk about Ms. Clinton and what I think I called her “merry wit.” As a preamble, I present some facts: a friend (I think he perhaps made the mistake of contributing money to the Dems sometime recently and thus finds himself besieged by funding letters, as if Ms. C needs money from the likes of him when she can get millions from Wall Street and such) recently received a funding letter from the Clinton entourage, informing him that ‘we are all in this together.’

Say what? Aside from the vagueness regarding pronoun reference (for what, exactly, does “this” refer to?), I found myself trying to envisage anything that I could or would be “in” together with the unsavory wife and business-partner of Wild Bill. Coming up with nothing, I took it as yet another example of Ms. C’s aforementioned merry wit.

Also this: much as I might hold Mr. Donny Trump in contempt, I find him more progressive than Ms. Clinton on many international matters. For example, he has come out quite forcefully against the TPP, another of those “trade deals” for which the Clintons have always shown such great fondness. For example, too, he has shown himself much less prone to aggression against other countries than has Ms. C (a rather low bar, there, admittedly); for all that he shows abject ignorance in matters related to domestic security or almost anything else, Affable Donny doesn’t (so far) seem to have Ms. Clinton’s penchant for swaggering into other parts of the world and making a goddamn mess of things. And, of course, he seems much more honest than does the former First Lady in Waiting (waiting for, I suppose, her turn at the helm), for while she consistently portrays herself as a leftist when she seems quite the opposite, Donny Boy seems quite willing to come out and show us that he knows nothing about anything except his own purportedly wondrous self, a legend in his own mind, insofar as he has one.

Anyway, on to the astrology of it all, noting as we make that move that we have good reason to doubt, and more and more as years pass, that the person who gets the most votes will win the election, evidence for which emerged in the 2016 Democratic primaries, the 2000 presidential election, and, which may emerge from the just-starting Republican convention. These matters have astrological relevance, suggesting as they do that we should take a close look at some of the old “rules” that astrologers applied to elections.

One of those rules, as I think I stated in my last installment, goes something like this: note first whether transiting (TR) Saturn descends (moving toward the nadir from the midheaven) or ascends (moving from the nadir toward the midheaven) in the candidate’s horoscope; favor the candidate for whom Saturn does the latter. We saw that, in the case of Affable Donny, Saturn has begun its ascent, but that, alas for the Affable One, it will conjoin his Moon and oppose his Sun around election-time. What about Ms. C? She has TR Saturn descending, moving from her first house into her second, which doesn’t bode well for her.[1]

On the other hand, TR Saturn, now and in the run-up to the election, will trine Ms. C’s natal (N) Mar-Pluto conjunction (powerful action) and N Saturn. True enough, it will also square her N Moon around election time – her N Moon in Pisces, note, squares Affable Donny’s N Sun-Moon opposition, which no doubt partly accounts for the fact that distinct lack of affection they show for each other – but, as Merry Ms. C finds herself pitted against someone else whose Moon will receive an afflictive Saturn transit, we can probably say that the TR Saturn-to-N Moon stuff cancels out.

As the N Moon has to do with one’s emotional connection to others, and as each candidate has the N Moon in a strong position (Ms. C at the handle of a bucket, Affable Donny opposed the Sun and, some would say, as the handle of his bucket) these difficult transits from Saturn to the N Moon may account for what many have called the extreme unpopularity of the two candidates. What doesn’t cancel out: Ms. C’s 12th house planets, including Sun, Chiron, and Venus, suggesting, as a group, that she has secrets (12th) not divulged that may emerge as “hidden enemies” and trip her up. We shall see.

On the other side of the electoral ledger, we should note that Ms. C will have TR Jupiter entering her 11th, from her 10th, and with the expansive power of Jolly Jupiter in her two most public houses, we can expect an expansion (Jupiter) of social influence (10th and 11th). Besides, Jupiter will go on to sextile the three Leo planets (Mars, Pluto, Saturn, mentioned above) unleashing a strong drive for ego-driven public power. Merry Ms. C has N Jupiter in Sagittarius (its own sign) in the 1st, making that planet extremely influential for her generally.

Admittedly, the mention of “ego driven public power” might make us think of Affable Donny, who, with his conjunction of Mars and ascendant in Leo, seems to have made a kitschy art-form out of dramatically aggressive self-involvement. However, the Merry Ms. C has three important planets in Leo – the two rulers of her Scorpio ascendant conjoining each other (Mars-Pluto conjunction), with both in a loose conjunction with Saturn, a planet connected with ambition – so she’ll give Donny a good run in the any contest involving aggressive self-involvement, no doubt endearing herself to the public in the process. Notably, though, her Leo planets reside in Donny’s 12th house, so Ms. C may activate the Affable One’s hidden enemies.

All of which seems to point to a victory for the Merry Lady of the Boardroom, but something else continues to bug me. This: you can tell a lot about a person’s popularity in this fair country, however unaccountable otherwise, by looking at how that candidate’s horoscope lines up, or doesn’t line up, or runs at odds with the horoscope for the United States. Particularly important, here, is what astrologers call the “Rudhyar chart” for the Declaration of Independence. (Click here to see the horoscope.) When we do some synastry for the two candidates and this horoscope, what do we find?

Let’s start with these:

  1. Merry Ms. C has all of her Scorpio material – Sun, Chiron, Venus, Mercury, Ascendant – in the United States’ 12th, suggesting that people in this country perceive her as shadowy, as somehow imprisoned by some force (e.g. big money?) and thus as untrustworthy. Nothing new in that department!
  2. Affable Donny has his Sun directly on the United States Mars, with his Moon opposing it, his Mars-Ascendant sextiling it and his Jupiter trining it. That U.S. natal Mars, in the 7th and square N Neptune in the 9th, points not only to military aggression (Mars), but more specifically to the way that the United States a) projects Mars onto other countries, seeing the aggression as coming from them even as the United States sends it armies to all areas of the globe, b) acts through deception (Neptune), a pattern traceable throughout this country’s history, with that deception c) emerging from a deceptive national vision (9th house), also traceable throughout the country’s history, evident in such strange ideas as Manifest Destiny and American Exceptionalism.[2]
  3. Of course, Ms. C has her Moon opposite the U.S. Neptune and square the U.S. Mars. This, combined with affable Donny’s aspects to the same position, suggests to me that Ms. Clinton will find herself lined up directly with the deception, meanwhile speaking out against the very aggression that she furthers, while Affable Donny lines up directly with the aggression, meanwhile seeming blissfully aware of the deception, perhaps because he doesn’t see it as deception at all. (After all, if you “believe in” the ideas of Manifest Destiny or American Exceptionalism, you won’t see them as delusions.) These ideas may suggest that Affable Donny’s lack of aggression against other nations indicates only that he hasn’t yet had the chance to show his stuff.
  4. Affable Donny has a Venus-Saturn conjunction conjoined the United States Mercury and opposed the United States Pluto – an important matter we can explore next time.


Donald Trump  Donny Trump

Hillary Clinton   Hillary R. Clinton

United States (“Rudhyar Horoscope”)

Enough for now. Next time – if I decide to do a “next time” – we can look at two rather unpleasant matters: the United States’ relationship to ISIS and the events and patterns in U.S. history that have given rise to the “Black Lives Matter” movement – two issues with a close connection to specific matters in the United States horoscope.

[1] I should note, here, that astrologers have had some discussions about the accuracy of Ms. C’s birth-time; I’ve used the horoscope most astrologers have settled on.

[2] George Bush Sr. also had his Sun conjoined the U.S. Mars.

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