Alert readers have probably noticed that I began this blog-installment with a photo. Note the Moon, resplendent in the Colorado sky about a week ago, when it (the Moon, that is) made its passage through late Aries. Because of the not-exactly-high-quality of my android phone-camera, and perhaps also because of the #$%^&* streetlights of Boulder CO (and perhaps, let’s be honest, because your vision, gentle reader, is not what it used to be), you can’t see Mars, right up there beside the waning lunar crescent. You’ll have to take my word for it that Mars appeared to the naked eye, at least In Colorado.[1]

Why see any of the above as important? With the Sun in Leo and Mars in Aries, we found ourselves, at the time of the photo, approaching the Sun-Mars trine. That trine preceded Mars’ retrograde station, which will occur on September 9 at 28Aries09. Are you with me so far? Are you asking what such developments have to do with the purported subject of this blog-series (astrology, politics, and history, for those of you with short memories)? Cool. Let’s look.

As he moves through Aries, ever more slowly as he approaches the retrograde station, transiting (TR) Mars makes challenging aspects to the planetary positions I have discussed on previous installments: the Mercury-Pluto opposition, from 24 Cancer (Mercury) to 27 Capricorn (Pluto) in the US natal horoscope, the opposition currently besieged (so to speak) by TR Saturn and TR Pluto. Because of the retrograde, TR Mars will make three contacts (in direct motion, retrograde, and direct again) with both natal (N) Mercury and N Pluto – and, of course, with TR Saturn and TR Pluto. Earlier, TR Mars squared (from Aries) the US Venus, Jupiter, and Sun. (See the dates below.)

These developments – TR Mars in Aries squaring so many important planets in the US horoscope – seem connected to the unwise (symbolized by the afflictive aspects) impulsiveness (Aries) on the part of the USA (the natal planets) in connection with COVID19. When we recall that the US N Mars squares N Neptune – an aspect suggesting deceptive and ill-considered actions related to a deceptive national ideology (N Neptune in the 9th) related to projection (Mars in 7th, the house of ‘open enemies’) and phobias regarding things-foreign (9th house again) – we probably shouldn’t feel surprised.

Also this: TR Mar, in Aries and in the US 11th house, forms a t-cross (t-square) composed of natal and transiting planets. Mars becomes the focal planet of that t-square. Thus, among other developments, the anger (Mars) emerging from group-enterprises (US 11th house): think of Black Lives Matter (a group enterprise) and its (or their) reactions (Mars) against long-standing government-imposed restrictions and national projections (e.g. the projection of Pluto onto black people, among others, matters discussed in previous installments[2]).

I took the photo late on August 8th, not long before the Sun-Mars trine (on 8/16). Unlike the planets outside his orbit, Mars makes his trine with the Sun before his retrograde (not during, as is the case with the others). This suggests what many people experience with Mars’ retrograde: that things seem, when left unexamined, to go forward swimmingly and wonderfully in the period leading up to the retrograde (unless other, longer-lasting, transits bring a different message), but that once Mars turns retrograde, we often feel as if we’ve gotten clocked upside the cranium by events. Apply these remarks to the country as a whole. Do not expect wonderful results.

Note, though, that, because of matters discussed briefly below, we can expect worse results for nations than for individuals.

Note #1: Individuals can use the retrograde period to get more objective understanding of initiatives taken in the weeks or months leading up to the retrograde. The “objective understanding” part comes from the Sun-Mars opposition that takes place midway through the retrograde period, as oppositions arise, often enough, through splitting, with one end arising in the extensional world – in other words, as a projection. Once we understand how objects can represent elements of mind, we develop awareness. The Sun-Mars opposition offers opportunities for us to investigate such developments. We can make best use of the period not by plunging blindly forward, but by looking within, by finding the motives that led us into certain patterns of actions. Individuals can reflect, of course, in ways that nations cannot seem to do. Thus we can expect worse results on a national scale than will necessarily occur for individuals. However, individuals can expect some restrictions on action (Mars), as the retrograde suggests that Mars turns inward, bringing challenges to the externalization of impulse.

Note #2. The USA presently has secondary progressed Mars retrograde. This began formally on July 19, 2006, but as Mars slowed toward the retrograde station in the years leading up to that date, frustrations increased (e.g. the US had less and less success in its attacks on other nations). I and many other astrologers (I can’t remember who, though) suggested – or, if you prefer, predicted – that we would see Mars turned inward, with aggression directed increasingly against US citizens, with many problems projected onto citizen groups instead of, as has been the national custom, apparently-external enemies (Mars in the 7th). Thus the militarization of police, among other developments.


Transits from Mars to positions in the US natal horoscope:

Series 1 (from a bit earlier): TR Mars to N Venus, Jupiter, and Sun:

Mars square Venus              7/3/2020
Mars square Jupiter             7/7
Mars square Sun                 7/21
Mars opposite Saturn          7/24

The transits from Mars to the Sun and Saturn gave another t-cross, this time with the N Sun in Cancer as the focal planet.

Series 2: TR Mars to the N (US) Mercury-Pluto opposition:

Mars square Mercury          8/16
Mars square Pluto               8/31 
Mars square Pluto               9/18 (with Mars now retrograde)
Mars square Mercury          10/3
Mars square Mercury          12/24 (with Mars now in direct motion again)
Mars square Pluto               1/1/2021

Mars’ transits to transiting (TR) Saturn and Pluto:

TR Mars square Pluto          8/13
TR Mars square Saturn        8/24
TR Mars square Saturn        9/29 (with Mars now retrograde)
TR Mars square Pluto          10/9
TR Mars square Pluto          12/23 (with Mars again in direct motion)
TR Mars square Saturn        1/13/2021

[1] Your correspondent cannot speak to its visibility in, say, Los Angeles, NYC, or cloudy Seattle, hard by the sea. He has heard, though, that, due to the Covid19 quarantines, semi-quarantines, and so forth, the air-pollution in places like LA and NYC has markedly reduced. Also note: the author took the photo before wildfire-related smoke drifted over Boulder.

[2] And in my Your Hidden Face: Projection in the Horoscope.


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