SATURN, PLUTO, AND THE USA Tim Lyons 01.12.20







              I don’t know if this happens to other astrologers, but almost every time I go out in public (a word that refers to, among other things parties, visits to music venues, and situations in which people come running up to me in the street, breathless and anxious), people ask me questions about some astrological matter or other. These questions generally involve personal issues (e.g. “Saturn’s on my Venus; will my husband/wife leave me and move to the Riviera with a dancer?”), but lately, those questions have involved the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, an event that is in progress as I write, with the exact conjunction taking place today (Sunday 1/13/20). So, in honor of that conjunction, let’s have a look.

But let’s begin our discussion by looking at how the conjunction, particularly the Saturn-part, affects the United States birth horoscope and the horoscope of a contemporary Twitter-Lover, Mr. Donald Trump. (See the attachments: 1. The United States horoscope. 2. A double-wheel, with the US natal on the inner wheel and current transits on the outer wheel. 3. Ditto for D. Trump.)[1]

Notable Developments:

  1. The conjunction conjoins the United States natal (N) Pluto and closely opposes the US Mercury, setting off the US natal (N) Mercury-Pluto opposition.
  2. The conjunction opposes D. Trump’s N Venus-Saturn conjunction in Cancer.
  3. Trump’s N Venus-Saturn conjoins the US Mercury.



I have spoken and written about the US Mercury-Pluto opposition often before. Oppositions in nations’ horoscopes generally arise through projection in which the country plays the role of one end of the opposition and projects the other end onto countries or groups who seem to stand opposed to the nation’s development, plans, or drives.[2] Usually, the country will play the role of the planet closest to the Sun and project the role of the planet furthest from the Sun. (Individuals do much the same, though, having a centralized consciousness-headquarters, so to speak, they can work on their projections, withdrawing them, in whole or in part, from the world, recognizing the projected material as part of themselves. Nations rarely accomplish any of that.[3])

In this case, the United States plays the role of Mercury, symbol of how the people think about themselves. In Cancer, Mercury will think about security, the home, and the sense of emotional well-being. Thus we see in the US a huge emphasis on security – and, of course, the US has its Sun, Venus, and Jupiter in Cancer as well, so we can justifiably change “huge” to “inordinate,” or perhaps “pathological.” People find themselves, with encouragement from the Pluto-controlled major media (Mercury as communication), thinking of themselves as home owners concerned with family, security, and so on – Cancer-matters all. Meanwhile, Pluto seems to arise through others.

The list of groups on whom the US has projected its Pluto begins with Native Americans. After that, the Pluto-hook[4] arose through black people (beginning with slaves from Africa), Germany (during both wars), the USSR/Russia (even today: witness the obsessions about “Russian interference” in our purportedly free and open elections[5]), and all sorts of Muslims and Middle Easterners, including but not limited to Iran.[6]

Despite Trump’s various blusterings, war with Iran does not seem to me inevitable. Though transiting (TR) Saturn and Pluto set off the US Mercury-Pluto in important ways, Iran’s horoscope, whether that for Khomeini’s return to Iran or for the subsequent forming of a government, do not have the major astrological connections that Iraq’s and Hussein’s did. Neither has important placements in final decan of cardinal signs as Iraq and Saddam Hussein did; thus Iran does not have placements that automatically set off the projection.[7] Though the path to war against Iraq and Hussein proved quite smooth, with the plutocratic media paving the way and both lawmakers and millions of citizens proving easy to convince, the current road seems a more challenging one. Not only does Iran not set off the projection automatically, but its recent history distinguishes it from Iraq and Hussein, for, say what we will about human rights problems in that country, it hasn’t killed millions of citizens like Hussein did and it hasn’t invaded a neighboring country as Iraq did in Kuwait. Further, most non-Trumpian sources seem to agree that Iran kept its part of the bargain on the agreement about nuclear weapons. Thus, as we have seen, lawmakers and citizens haven’t fallen into line quite so blindly. Trump’s attempt to distract everyone from impeachment proceedings may not have energy enough to succeed, despite the factors named above. In fact, the same factors could suggest a change in leadership and major problems with the economy (as the whole business takes place in the US second house, symbolizing money).

Gulf War I’s Operation Desert Storm began on 17 January 1991 with Saturn at 27Capricorn26, 4’ of arc from its conjunction with US Pluto. As noted, both Iraq and Hussein served as perfect hooks for the US projection of Pluto; Saturn affected both horoscopes. The rhetoric regarding both Iraq and its leader had had a remarkable similarity to the language used in reference to previous hooks for Pluto: the enemy found itself portrayed by the US as dark and threatening, primitive in outlook, destructive in action. Meanwhile, the country sitting on the world’s largest piles of plutonium and destructive weapons, a country that had interfered via death squads and other means into the affairs other countries, portrayed itself as occupying the moral high ground. Saturn gets to the same degree of Capricorn in the last 9 days of February 2020, before, as in 1991, passing into Aquarius for a bit before returning to Capricorn. For the foregoing reasons, though, these facts do not necessarily suggest that the US will attack Iran in about a month.

In addition, Trump has not seemed intent on invading other countries or in effecting regime change. In fact, one of the few appealing elements in his election rhetoric, at least to me, were his assertions about no more foreign wars or attempts at regime change. Because his Sun-Moon opposition connects to the US Mars-Neptune square, and because he has a N Mercury-Neptune square, he obviously plays fast and loose with the truth; US actions in Venezuela tell us that regime change remains on the US agenda. However, he has not – again, despite his rhetoric – mounted any invasions.

Major problems will arise in a few years when transiting (TR) Neptune squares the US Mars, opposes the US Neptune, and squares both ends of Trump’s Sun-Moon opposition from Gemini to Sagittarius.

That should suffice for now. I didn’t get to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in itself. Let’s leave that ‘til next time. For homework, check the events of 1982, the year of the previous Saturn-Pluto conjunction.



720 338-3658



[1] I use the so-called Rudhyar Horoscope. Why? Because it seems to yield accurate results.

[2] Sometimes those groups consist of US citizens. This may seem odd, but consider how Martin Luther King found himself under scrutiny not only for his efforts on behalf of Afro-Americans, but also because his opposition to US imperialism. Though a US citizen, he often received treatment generally reserved for external enemies.

[3] For more discussion of these matters, see my Your Hidden Face: Projection in the Horoscope, published by the American Federation of Astrologers a few years back.

[4] The term comes from Jungian psychology. Jung said that we hang projections on hooks just as we do coats. Notably, once the coat occupies that hook, the hook itself remains invisible.

[5] Your correspondent would find these concerns absurd if he didn’t find them so troubling. He would also suggest, if asked, that some of them have a connection to the various phobias about the USSR promulgated by various Christian millenialists and prophecy-mongers for many decades into the past. At times, many people convinced that the Bible foretold many current events seemed obsessed with the USSR, seeing it as, among other things, the “nation from the north” that would invade and overwhelm Israel. We might also remember the number of times the US has interfered in elections, including the one in Russia in 1996, or simply driven from power leaders who didn’t accept the US agenda.

[6] The term “Middle Easterner,” admittedly, demonstrates a Western prejudice. The people of Iran may not accept the designation, but I haven’t come up with a better one.

[7] For the record: Iraq has a Saturn-Pluto opposition from 28+ Capricorn to 23+ Cancer; Hussein has a Jupiter-Pluto opposition from 26+ Capricorn to 26+ Cancer.







As I was strolling along the streets of Boulder the other day, feeling a tad melancholy not only because my blog doesn’t have many readers, but also because, around here, as you get closer to the mountains in midwinter, your days end more quickly than for those who have the good sense to live farther from the imposing front range of the Rockies; close-in, the cold settles on you rather early in the day as the sun drops behind the mountains, and you feel the cold impinging on your soul even if you don’t feel convinced that you even have one  — as all this was happening, I decided, acting on impulse, to pay a visit to my astrological mentor, Mountain Monsoon, who lives atop a ridge somewhat west of downtown Boulder, giving him much longer near-solstice-days and a much vaster view than what I get down here in the (comparative) lowlands. When I arrived, driving carefully on the unplowed, two-rut road that winds up the slope to his cabin, he was basking in winter sunshine on his back porch, sitting under the solar collectors that powered a small heater at his feet, smoking a fine cigar and drinking some of the (admittedly illegal but nevertheless excellent) whiskey he concocts in his home distillery. As is his habit, he said nothing as I approached, merely waving me to a chair, offering me a cup of the good stuff, toasting my presence in a manner simultaneously offhand and sincere.
            “Single malt,” he said at last. “From a single distillery: my own. What’s not to like?”

            I drank and enjoyed the sun for a few minutes, lighting the offered stogie from the proffered match.

            “What brings you up from the lowlands?” he said after a few minutes. “Problems with women?”

            “Nah,” I said.

            “Problems with – “

            “Well, my blog, for one thing.”

            “Ah!” he said. “Blog-readers are a fickle bunch. Maybe you need a different approach.”

            “Maybe,” I said, drinking and smoking.

            “What’s it called? ‘Astrology, Politics, and History’? Right?”

            “Yes,” I said. “Good memory.”

            “Well, you have at least one enthusiastic reader.”



            “I’m grateful. Also for the excellent whiskey. But if I drink too much to drive – “

            “—which you probably will, am I right? Anyway, yeah: you can sleep on the cot. Glad to have you about. You bring tea for the morning?”

            “Of course,” I said. “Silver Dragon. Great stuff.”

            He nodded approvingly, gazing sunward like the captain of a ship gazing over a rolling sea.

            “You wrote about Neptune squaring the U.S. ascendant recently, didn’t you?” he said at last.

            I said that I had, but that, more recently, I’d had an entry called “The Long of It” in which I talked about the significance of the Long Count horoscope for contemporary times.

“Ah yes,” he said. “I remember. A subject about which you wrote a fine book, if I remember correctly.”

“Yeah. It didn’t sell all that much. People have not that much interest in history, these days.”

“Maybe they agree with that Joyce fellow that – how did his literary alter ego put it – what’s his name?”

“You mean Stephen Daedalus?”

“Indeed. How did he put it?”

“’History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awaken’?”


He paused, still gazing westward.  

“So, refresh my memory,” he said. “Review what you said about the Long Count; then we can talk about Neptune squaring the United States ascendant, a subject you should go back to, considering all that malarkey about the purported Russian hacking of U.S. elections, the stuff going on in Hollywood, the ongoing – what shall we call it? lack of commitment to truth on the part, it seems, of even intelligent people in this rather strange country, including that rich guy who seems convinced that he’s running the show. An osmosis of ignorance, I’d say. Sounds like Neptune, doesn’t it?”

“It does indeed,” I said.

“But first, for review. The Mayan Long Count and the present? Your conclusions?”

“Well,” I said, “here’s the twenty-five-cent version: the horoscope for the Long Count – a period that began in 3114 B.C. and ended in 2012 A.D. – points to patterns of social development characterized by authoritarian militarism, lack of requisite feedback mechanisms, and a pervasive imbalance (between, among other matters, authority and bureaucracy) led, over the course of just over 5000 years, to planetary illness manifesting now in global warming and the evident ecological imbalances of the planet, with the warming coming on us as a planet-wide fever arising in response to mentioned illness-imbalance; also, a problematic (to put it mildly) combination of delusion and aggression, driven by unconscious elements, producing militarism best categorized as psychotic even if it now seems like the norm.”

 “Yes,” he said. “Now I remember. I read your book. I think you’re right.” He paused, then said, “So that was ‘the long of it.’ And what, in your view, is ‘the short of it’?”

“Well, for one thing,” I said, puffing cigar smoke into the cool but sunny air, “what you just mentioned: Neptune squaring the United States ascendant.”

“Yes. What do you make of it?”

“Well,” I said, “I was thinking of asking you that question.”

“What do I think of it?” He laughed uproariously. “You lookin’ for new material for the blog, eh?”

“Well,” I laughed, feeling the effect of the excellent whiskey and the high-quality cigar, “people might pay more attention to a wise old sage like you, Mountain.”

He laughed again as he refilled our glasses.

“And after all,” I added, “you served as a mentor to me all those years back.” As I said this, I found myself wondering at Mountain’s chronological age. I felt certain that he had been around many more than my sixty-eight years, but I realized that I really had no idea, though I had tentatively concluded, decades ago, when he already had a full white beard and a much-lined face, that he was like a joyful Tithonus, eternally laughing and drinking in his mountain retreat, casting a cold eye on the follies of humankind. He had taught me much.

He drank and smoked for a long minute, apparently pondering but perhaps emptying his mind of all irrelevant data, which I had known him to do before.

“Well,” he said at last, “let’s look at the evidence. First, the United States’ Neptune is where in the U.S. horoscope?”

“In the 9th house,” I said. “Intercepted in Virgo and in a close square to a 7th house Mars.”

“Exactly,” he said. “We’ll get to Mars in a bit. But Neptune in the 9th suggests what?”

“Deception and confusion about or in dealings with foreign countries?”

“Yes,” he said. “Now consider recent happenings: all this hubbub about Russian hacking and the like, but with very little evidence – and the so-called ‘evidence’ so far presented comes from what groups?”

“Well, for starts, the CIA.”

“Yes. They used to be called ‘the Foreign Service,’ I think. Ninth house again. It seems that we project that Neptune onto foreign countries, seeing it as symbolizing deception by foreign countries, though it seems more accurate to see it as an ongoing deception and self-deception, on the part of this country, in all relations with foreign countries.”

I nodded, taking a few notes.

“Can you think of another organization that deceives so readily, so often, and so cruelly? And do you wonder that millions of people who have never trusted the so-called ‘Intelligence Services’ before suddenly seem ready to believe what those people say about Russian hacking? The documents released so far contain all sorts of allegations, offered by so-called investigators who got hand-picked, so to speak. Hardly a trustworthy process.”

“Hmm,” I said.

“Now,” he went on, “as you know, I have no love for that monster Trump. I can’t think of a human being I consider more despicable, but I think it both troubling and fitting that during this Neptune transit, the U.S. people elected a fellow who can’t seem to tell truth from falsehood – or who doesn’t wish to do so. But we should remember that the transit-in-question has to do with the United States’ horoscope, not with Trump’s – at least not yet – so it applies to the nation as a whole. We should consider Trump a symptom of a larger problem – a national problem, one we’ve had with us since the beginning, as you have pointed out in previous blog-installments, if I remember correctly. Under such a transit, you can expect deception and obfuscation all over the place. Mars comes into the picture because the deception will have to do with aggression, or, more particularly, with the way this country does what it always does: links lies to warfare, taking foreign countries as enemies and deceivers even though a vast amount of evidence suggests that the United States takes a back seat to no-one when it comes to deception and aggression.”

“So,” I said, “you don’t believe that Russia did this hacking?”

“I take the position of that Stephen Daedalus fellow, whom we mentioned earlier, when, somewhere either in Ulysses or Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, someone asks him whether he believes in God. He says, ‘I neither believe nor disbelieve.’ I would add: I want evidence, not innuendo; I want information, not disinformation; and I want as my informant someone I can trust. All of this has to do with Virgo, the polar opposite of Neptune-ruled Pisces: what you have to cultivate if you want to navigate successfully through a challenging Neptune transit: precision.”

“Yes,” I said. “I agree.”

“Let me refill the jar here and we can talk more. Maybe we also should go inside. The sun’s going down.”

“On civilization?” I asked rhetorically.

He laughed, pointing me toward a chair by the fire.


To be continued….





By “it,” I mean our current situation, which includes the following: rapid and dangerous global warming and its results (melting glaciers, massive hurricanes, devastating droughts and floods, rapidly dying coral, apocalyptic fires, all sorts of harm happening to all sorts of creatures all over the planet); a global water-problem that worsens steadily; alarmingly depleted soils; wars all over the planet; overpopulation; all sorts of governments in all sorts of places apparently intent on all sorts of counter-productive approaches to just about anything you can think of.

By “long,” I mean what we might call “long” history, in particular the historical period known as the Mayan Long Count, which began in 3114 BC and which ended in 2012 AD, a period I dealt with at some length in The Machine Stops: the Mayan Long Count Through a Western Lens (AFA 2012). My thesis in that book, explained here in brief: patterns of social development characterized by authoritarian militarism, lack of requisite feedback mechanisms, and a pervasive imbalance (between, among other matters, authority and bureaucracy) leading to planetary illness manifesting now in planetary warming (and, it seems, the attendant factors mentioned above), which we can interpret as a planet-wide fever arising as a response of the planetary system to the mentioned illness-imbalance. The Long Count also brought problematic combination of delusion and aggression, driven by unconscious elements to produce a kind of militarism best categorized as insane even if it has developed into the norm.[1]

These factors have characterized “civilization as we know it,” a form of social organization that emerged with comparative suddenness in the 4th millennium B.C. the period surrounding the 3114 BC birth-year of the Long Count. This period has drawn the attention of some of our most important cultural historians, perhaps most significantly Arnold Toynbee and Lewis Mumford. Of the period just described, Mumford writes, in The Myth of the Machine, Volume I: Technics and Human Development,

Out of the early Neolithic complex a different kind of social organization arose: no long dispersed in small units, but unified in a large one; no longer ‘democratic,’ that is, based on neighborly intimacy, customary usage, and consent, but authoritarian, centrally directed, under the control of a dominant minority; no longer confined to a limited territory, but deliberately ‘going out of bounds’ to seize new raw materials and enslave helpless men, to exercise control, to exact tribute. This new culture was dedicated, not just to the enhancement of life, but to the expansion of collective power. By perfecting new instruments of coercion, the rulers of the society had, by the Third Millennium BC, organized industrial and military power on a scale that was never to be surpassed until our own time.[2]

This shift appeared in the environment as a dramatic increase in the size of human institutions ranging from the large-field agriculture (that, according to Toynbee and others, made this new form of social organization possible) to the size of the buildings in which people lived, emphases that have remained with us up to the present. From the surplus came (c.f. Toynbee) hierarchy from which came rulers who controlled the surplus (and thus the people). We see, here, the beginnings of rigid social classes, reflecting Capricorn, one of the dominant signs of the Long Count horoscope, and a dominant connection between kingship (Leo, a second dominant sign), control (Leo as a fixed sign), and bureaucratic expansion (Capricorn). Mumford tells us that the “original connection between kingship and hunting has remained visible all throughout recorded history,” that the “unscrupulous use of weapons of the hunt to control the political and economic activities of whole communities was one of the effective inventions of kingship” and that, from the kingship-hunting connection, “a whole series of subsidiary mechanical inventions eventually came.”[3] From kingship also came, quickly and inevitably, “a kind of unrestrained cannibal lust in dwelling on the scope and power of the divine king. As pictured [in the most ancient pyramid text], kingship was actually a man-eating device.”[4]

Mumford refers to the new form of social organization as the “mega-machine” and tells us that in its early form, it had human beings as moving parts, with mechanical parts (e.g. made of steel) coming only much later with increased technical capacities. Mumford devotes much space to describing the megamachine and to tracing its development through the centuries right up to the present era. Even early on, he tells us, it had characteristics we can still recognized in the prevailing social order:

…the centralization of political power, the separation of classes, the lifetime division of labor, the mechanization of production, the magnification of military power, the  economic exploitation of the weak, and the universal introduction of slavery and forced labor for both industrial and military purposes. [5]

In The Machine Stops, I trace these developments by tracking progressions to the Long Count natal horoscope and by looking at the shifts occurring in connection with the Neptune-Pluto cycle of 496 years. Of the Long Count’s end, I write,

An observant person could tell, with increasing ease as time went on, that something, and perhaps almost everything, would have to change. Environmental degradation increased in a parabolic curve; war became endemic, increasingly destructive, and unending; propaganda spread everywhere controlling minds to a degree unthinkable in the 4th millennium B.C.; the paranoia of those in power, never very rational, took increasingly psychotic forms.[6]

Of course, historical development takes place gradually; the patterns-in-question do not appear and end on a day – not even December 21, 2012, the end-date for the Long Count. So my discussion had to do with periods, not with days or even weeks. Thus though the end of the Long Count has now receded at least a little in our collective rear-view mirror as we occupy ourselves with the “short of it” (the discussion of my next installment), the astrological patterns persist. To help clarify, I will select for discussion some salient elements from my investigation. As I say in the book, “the defining symbols of the Long Count horoscope offer apt descriptive symbols and metaphors for the major cultural developments that have taken place during the Long Count’s duration.”[7]

Factor #1: the horoscope lacks oppositions.

This suggests a difficulty seeing through projections, or even acknowledging that they exist. Mr. Mumford, speaking of developments occupying roughly the same period as the one measured by the Long Count, refers to this as “a radical failure in feedback” resulting in breakdowns on all sides:

…an inability to acknowledge errors, an unwillingness to correct them, a resistance to introducing new ideas and methods that would provide the means for a constructively human transformation…[O]nce recognized, many of the defects could be corrected…but failing this, a more dire pathological situation, demanding surgery rather than diet, comes into existence.[8]  

A lack of oppositions points to difficulties recognizing projections or accepting helpful feedback from the world. Because an opposition symbolizes a pattern of thought and behavior in which unacknowledged psychological elements appear through people and events, a lack of oppositions speaks to difficulty recognizing such feedback.

Factor #2: the natal yod (sometimes referred to as “the Finger of God”) and the positions, as of 2012, of secondary progressed Saturn and Pluto.

The Long Count natal horoscope has a powerful yod from the Mercury-Venus conjunction in Leo to the Moon-Jupiter sextile in Capricorn and Pisces. This configuration consists of two quincunxes and a sextile. Because the horoscope has another close quincunx – from Saturn in Leo to Uranus in Capricorn – the Long Count has manifested partly through planetary illness. Typically, though, when an important transit or progression arrives at the “reaction point” of the yod (the point directly opposed to the focal planets), the energy of the yod ripens: having functioned at-least-partly unconsciously, it now demands attention. From an imbalance that perhaps had remained hidden emerge events and consequences demanding attention, manifestations of imbalances long-ignored: planetary illness resulting from an imbalance that has persisted for over 5000 years.

By 2012, secondary progressed (SP) Saturn and Pluto had arrived at the reaction point. Bureaucratic power (to offer one interpretation among many) resulted in a situation in which problems demanded resolution. Civilization reached a fork in the road. Something had to change – in fact, it seems, everything had – and has – to change.

Factor #3: the natal Mars-Neptune conjunction in Scorpio and the positions of the same secondary progressed planets.

This factor raises the ante, we might say, for it brings about a great danger of military conflict driven by unconscious factors and pervasive delusions. Because N. Mars-Neptune squares N. Mercury-Venus, SP Saturn and SP Pluto form a t-square to N. Mars-Neptune just as they reach the reaction point of the yod. (See the positions in second wheel of the attached two-wheeler.) Though for a person, Mars-Neptune might point to selfless action or physical activity linked to inspiration and imagination, for a collectivity it will generally manifest as delusions related to aggression. (The United States horoscope has a close square between these two planets.) Scorpio suggests unconscious obsessions and complexes. Thus the psychotic uses of military power throughout the world, easily visible in the historical record and in the United States’ apparently endless series of military interventions (and, of course, in this country’s insane spending on increasingly destructive military hardware).

The astrological material from the Long Count horoscope suggest that these problems first took root when what we call “civilization” first arose in Mesopotamia, and because the roots have by now struck very deep, we will not solve present problems by applying cosmetic solutions. What seems required is a complete reorientation to experience, not only on the part of governments and government minions, but on the part of each person. The yod points to a pervasive pattern of social organization that influences the attitudes of all people, particularly as the megamachine has taken over pretty much the entire planet. Further development along established social lines will yield only further destruction, threatening the survival of the species, and certainly threatening the development of civilization as we know it. It seems, therefore, that we must consider – and develop! – a new kind of civilization. It will probably have to begin with changes in the people forming it.


[1] I dedicated The Machine Stops to Lewis Mumford, without whose many writings I could not have written it.

[2] Lewis Mumford: The Myth of the Machine, Volume I: Technics and Human Development, page 164 (qtd. on page 88 of The Machine Stops.

[3] Mumford 168-9 (qtd. in The Machine Stops, p. 89)

[4] Mumford 184.

[5] Mumford 186.

[6] The Machine Stops, 145.

[7] P. 76.

[8] Lewis Mumford, The Myth of the Machine, Volume II: The Pentagon of Power, page 428.





                Various dignitaries have asked me various questions about the “effect” of the August 2017 eclipse on our noble leader, the sometimes iconoclastic and often idiotic Mr. Donny Trump. I will attempt, in this blogette – a short blog-entry, if you please! – to respond to these people, for they seem sincere in their inquiries and noble in their hearts. Like a good businessman, I will use bullet-points:

  • Solar eclipses take place on New Moons, with the Sun and Moon at the same zodiac degree and with the Moon on the ecliptic. The Moon comes between the earth and the Sun. (Why do we not have a solar eclipse every new moon? Because the Moon wanders from the ecliptic. Track its monthly journey and you’ll see.)
  • The Moon symbolizes, among other things, habit patterns taken from childhood. (Thus, I think, Mr. Gurdjieff’s statement – which I think I got from Ouspensky – that the Moon ‘is eating you’: habit patterns can devour creativity. The Sun symbolizes the light of conscious awareness and creative possibility.
  • When the Moon interposes itself directly between earth and sun, habit patterns can largely blot out the light of creative possibility. The greatest danger, here, has to do with acting blindly, for habit patterns can blind us, putting us on behavioral and psychological autopilot.
  • The eclipse falls directly on Trump’s Mars-Ascendant conjunction in Leo.
  • That Mars-Ascendant aspect points to what we get almost daily from Mr. DT: a kind of bombastic aggression in which Mr. Trump, blinded, in this case, by the blazing light of ego, with Mars symbolizing the tendency to get narrowly identified with his own pride. He reminds us, every day, IMHO, that we can get blinded by enormous ego-ism as readily as by habit patterns (though, of course, habit patterns too often arise as part of the ego-complex, a matter we will not discuss here and now). Mars in Leo in the ascendant, unless governed by self-awareness, will often appear arrogant, bombastic, and self-absorbed. (Note that I have given the neurotic side of Leo and Mars. Do not take my remarks as indicating that Leo or Mars always do any more damage than other signs and planets. All astrological symbols have what we might call their neurotic side and their more enlightened side. Unfortunately, Mr. Trump seems consistently to manifest the former. Even more unfortunately, we could say something similar of many people who get captured by their own ambition.)
  • The eclipse on Trump’s Mars-Ascendant strongly suggests that our Twitter-obsessed leader, sitting alone in his upstairs room and perhaps talking too much to himself, will act out old habit patterns related to arrogance, stubbornness, and aggression; the Moon, in this case, seems to have blinded the Sun rather completely.
  • Leo, as a fixed sign, often acts stubbornly. Of course, one person’s stubbornness may also appear as another person’s steadfastness, and Leo has a deserved reputation for loyalty. In this case, though, we seem to have DT’s loyalty to his own blindness. Alas.
  • Thus Trump’s insistence on sticking to his guns – or, I suppose, his statements – regarding Charlottesville. A person manifesting Leo’s oft-observed magnanimity might act with confident generosity; however, a person manifesting Leo’s also-oft-observed self-absorption would act as we see Trump acting: inflexibly and myopically.
  • If we want to know about the positive potential of eclipse-energy, we can go back to the astronomical situation. We see the Moon blocking the Sun, and thus we see, if we have the right instruments – with “instruments,” here, referring to psychological tools or approaches: means one might use to access the one’s inherent potential for insight – we can see the outline of the Moon. This suggests that eclipses can bring us (so to speak) precise understanding and clarity about the role that habit patterns and other lunar matters play in our lives; lunar matters (e.g. habit patterns, sensitivity of emotional response) can arise as a kind of lens through which to focus creative energy. Thus eclipses can bring sharpened insight and understanding about the role of habit patterns in our lives. But to accomplish that, we must look steadily and surely, and we must do so without getting blinded – with, as noted, the proper tools, which with the physical eclipse means the proper kind of lens and with the “psychological eclipse” means the discipline and courage to look at ourselves honestly.
  • I don’t know Mr. Trump personally, but I see no evidence that he looks at himself honestly, or that he has developed the discipline or courage to do so. I don’t know for certain, of course, what goes on in his mind, and I admit that human beings often surprise me. So far, though, Mr. Trump has not done so.
  • So: blindness, acting out of and through blinding habitual tendencies, with an emphasis on pride, what seems like intellectual laziness, and aggression, striking out, we might say, in the darkness.
  • Bonus bullet-point: we can often get further insight into astrological occurrences by looking at the Sabian Symbol(s) for the degree at which the occurrence occurs. This solar eclipse takes place in the 29th degree of Leo. The Sabian Symbol for this degree, as recorded decades ago by Marc Edmund Jones, reads like this (from The Sabian Symbols in Astrology): A mermaid. This is a symbol of humanity’s insatiable appetite for experience on the side of psychological self-assurance, and of the nascent eagerness of the soul for a private and personal participation in every possible facet of self-fulfillment…When positive, the degree is a completeness of quickening to inner instincts of the being and a real willingness to trust them, and when negative, a lack of discrimination and an awkward insensitivity.
  • This symbol and interpretation applies to all of us, not just to the guy sending Tweets from an upstairs room in D.C.
  • Questions?









After some of my earlier blog-entries, some have asked me whether Mr. Donald Trump (DT) is headed for impeachment. My basic response: it seems possible, but some mitigating factors suggest that he might survive. Though I wouldn’t bet on DT’s survival, impeachment remains a tall order, as all sorts of people of questionable integrity who rarely agree on anything must act in consort.

Let’s review some facts mentioned in earlier installments. First, transiting (TR) Saturn – which, remember, conjoined DT’s Moon and opposed his Sun right around inauguration time, a period that saw all sorts of initiatives launched against the fellow – went as far as 27 Sagittarius before turning retrograde there in early April, after which point it moved backwards, approaching its station in the 22nd degree of Sagittarius (21+) in late August.[1] Because DT has his Sun at 22+ Gemini and his Moon at 21+ Sagittarius, that station places Saturn directly opposite DT’s Sun and precisely conjoined with his Moon.[2]

Expect late August to bring all sorts of crises to Mr. Trump; expect the intervening weeks to show steadily increasing pressure; expect the succeeding weeks to show the results. Though I wouldn’t say that every U.S. president who receives a challenging aspect from Saturn to the natal Sun and/or Moon will get him or herself impeached, with Trump such a development seems entirely possible, for he has thus far tried to ignore the demands of Saturn: he has refused to take responsibility for consensus-reality questions or the results of his actions, preferring to live in a kind of fantasy realm. It seems that those who ignore the demands of Saturn, no matter how highly those people get on the available social ladders, the more they invite Saturn’s most literal response: an imposed set of limitations. (A not-so-recent example: Richard Nixon in 1972.)

During the run-up to the election, DT had transiting (TR) Uranus trine his Moon and sextile his Sun. Thus he that he could make progress if he took up iconoclastic positions, an approach for which he has great aptitude, as suggested by his natal (N) Uranus conjoining is Sun and opposing his Moon. Though we associate Uranus with progressive ideas, we would speak more truly if we said that he lives by his ideas, progressive or otherwise; his mythic background (see below) suggests that in living by his ideas he will often ignore the immediate karmic demand and that he will eventually suffer for it. When operating blindly, Uranus will disagree with or disavow anything representing the status quo regardless of value – or, we might say, Uranus sometimes values disruption as an end in itself instead of as a way to open up creative space for further contribution. Thus DT found himself in a rather strange position, at least for him: he appeared as the candidate promising change. Many who voted for him apparently did so for Uranus-related reasons: like Uranus, they had taken on a kind of odd Kerouacian position, saying, like Dean Moriarity, ‘We don’t know where we’re going, but we’re going; we don’t know what it’s like here, but it’s not here, and we’ve been here, and we don’t like it.’[3]

In her dealings with DT. Hillary Clinton (HC) found herself cast as the defender of the status quo, a position for which she seemed admirably suited, despite her position as the first woman candidate for president. TR Uranus at that time was squaring the U.S. Mercury, so the people in this country took on variations of the Kerouacian approach, and once Sanders lost to Clinton at the Democratic Convention, the only proudly Uranian figure left standing had orange hair.[4]

However, I said at the time of the election that Saturn would come a-calling o DT’s horoscope, indicating that DT would have to deal with a) consensus reality, and b) the hierarchical powers of the government machine, probably experienced as a projection (TR Saturn opposing N. Sun[5]), and c) the results of any refusal to take responsibility for his acts.  If, during the period of Saturn’s station, DT survives legal onslaughts, he will do so with very limited power. (Some of us feel that the diminishing of his power has already occurred, as the events of early April seem to suggest that he does not call the shots in international matters, and recent events in connection to his “health care” bill seem to suggest that he’s lost much influence even in domestic matters.)

We can add a few items into the mix. The first has to do, again, with Uranus, who has moved on from the above-described aspects to DT’s Sun-Moon opposition to trine DT’s Mars-Ascendant conjunction in Leo (a conjunction that, by the way, accounts for DT’s myopic and aggressive self-absorption in all self-presentation – and possibly for the famous orange-ness of the man’s florid mug and general floridity). The trine may provide Trump with some protection, as it suggests that he can get away with outlandish (Uranus) and ego-driven (Mars-ASC) activity. His secondary progressed (SP) Moon has entered his 12th house, though, an area of the horoscope associated with hidden enemies, sorrows, karma, and self-undoing. As it approaches his N Pluto at 10 Leo, I suspect that we will see all sorts of self-undoing going on as DT faces the results (karma) of actions initiated earlier.[6]

Conclusion? If you think that bad times for DT indicates good times for most other humans, you will conclude, as the above-described astrological factors come into focus, that “things are looking up” at least a little, meaning that some forms of unnecessary suffering get alleviated.

As all this happens, though, do not conclude that by objecting to the doings of DT you must take up arms with the status quo or what some will call the “shadow government” (which doesn’t seem very much in the shadows, IMHO). TR Neptune still squares the U.S. Ascendant, suggesting that people hereabouts have humongous difficulties trying to sort from truth from delusion these days. You can blame DT for the ongoing obfuscation and deception if you want, and he with his N Mercury-Neptune square seems eminently capable of all sorts of delusions and deceptions, but if you do that, you may miss the perhaps-larger deceptions emerging from people without orange hair.

As you consider these matters, you might want to look into the revelations of Mr. Scott Ritter, former chief arms inspector in Iraq who warned the country against invading Iraq, who spoke out against government deceptions about WMD’s, and who warned against the kind of violent miasma that has resulted from the invasion. In a recent piece in The American Conservative (admittedly a strange place to find Mr. Ritter), Mr. Ritter pretty much decimates the government’s version of what went on in Khan Sheikhun on April 4. Government deception in that case seems pretty much in line with the long line of deceptions perpetrated by our government (Mars square Neptune) over many decades. Ritter’s remarks have particular relevance now as the government tries to build one deception onto another as regards upcoming chemical attacks purportedly originating with the Syrian government.

We also have a noteworthy pair of solar arc (SA) directions to the U.S. horoscope. (See the second wheel of the triple-wheel chart of the USA: the inner wheel shows natal positions; the middle wheel shows the SA positions; the outer wheel shows the transits.) The N Sun-Saturn square has moved (at about a degree per year) to aspect the United States ascendant-descendant (ASD/DSC) axis, with SA Saturn just past its conjunction with the descendant (and thus opposing the ascendant) and SA Sun closely square the ASD/DSC.

The former aspect, read literally, suggests that the present restrictive forces of government – the hegemonic forces of the empire, we might say – arise as an enemy. Sun-Saturn suggests a restrictive chief executive; the 7th house and descendant suggest “open enemies” (a traditional designation). Thus a chief executive arising as an enemy.

To understand the meaning of the SA positions, we must first come to terms with the natal (N) Sun-Saturn square, for the meaning and manifestation of the solar arc aspects have a close connection to the meaning and manifestation of the natal aspect. As I have probably said before, the N U.S. Sun-Saturn square symbolizes the US’s drive for authority (Saturn) that purportedly creates some sort of national security (Sun in Cancer) supported by a tendency, evident since before the Declaration was signed or the Constitution constituted, to take the resources of others (Sun in 8th). The authority announces itself in terms of justice and equality (Saturn Libra) even as others’ resources, goods, and peoples get secured not for the benefit of their original owners, but for the American middle and upper classes (Venus, dispositor of Saturn, conjoining Jupiter and square midheaven-nadir axis (IM/IC)). Bring this tendency from the past into the present and you will grasp the significance of the SA aspects: the USA comes to a point where its drive for public authority (i.e. between and among nations) receives a block (Saturn) coming from an open enemy (descendant, 7th house) related to a confusion, partly or possibly related to the head of State (Sun) and communications derived therefrom.  Sun-Saturn suggests the executive and his or her bureaucracy or derived hierarchy; the challenging aspects indicate difficulty; the third house (SA Sun – plus TR Neptune) indicates domestic (as distinguished from international) communication, including but not limited to communication related to the press; the interception of Pisces in the third suggests communication-obfuscation hard to get at. And read literally, SA Saturn on the DSC suggests that the authority hierarchy arises as an enemy.

With secondary progressed Mars retrograde (since 2006), the United States should not expect success from its international aggressions these days (or for the next several decades). No matter how much one might dislike DT, realize that he took up positions more in line with SP Mars retrograde than did HC. The events of April suggest that those positions have been undermined – and note the passive voice as you ask, “Who did the undermining?” In what surely must qualify as one of greatest political oddities in recent political memory, DT campaigned as the peace candidate, arguing for pull-back (Mars retrograde) in many international positions.[7]

Finally, a word or two about the mythic Saturn and Uranus, as those planets play important roles, these days, in the horoscopes of both DT and the United States. In Greek myth, Ouranus, the great and creative sky god, fathers many children (the Titans) in Gaie, the earth mother. When those children emerge, Ouranus looks at them and decides (has an idea!) that they are too ugly to remain in the world, so he tries to bury them back into the mother. Gaie takes a dim view of such goings on, and she devises a scheme with Kronos, one of her newborns, whom we know, via the Romans, as Saturn: the two fashion a sickle, which they use to castrate Ouranus (Uranus); the testicles fall into the ocean and later emerge as Aphrodite (as depicted in Botticelli’s painting); the blood falls and emerges as the Furies. We often blame Saturn for this, for one should not castrate one’s father; however, the problem starts with Ouranus, who tries to live only by his ideas and to avoid the karmic demands (his children) of his own creative activity. The myth suggests that our ideas and iconoclastic brilliance (Uranus) should give birth to tangible deeds (Saturn). DT, Mr. Uranus during the campaign, now must deal with Uranus’ child, and Saturn, that old devil, will have his due.


[1] When I say “backwards,” I mean, “backwards as seen from earth against the backdrop of fixed stars.” Astrologers call this retrograde motion.

[2] Side note: that a president or presidential candidate has a strong Uranus aspect in his or her birth horoscope provides no guarantee that he or she will support progressive policies. Witness not only DT, but a chap named Bush who got himself elected in 1988 and who seemed to have a particular dislike for anything Uranus might stand for. He had N Uranus square N Sun, with Uranus in the 7th (“open enemies”).

[3] Your friendly blog-writer cannot vouch for the complete accuracy of the quotation. He has drawn it from memory, and quite possibly a memory a bit addled by a mind-altering substance under whose influence he read his dog-eared copy of Kerouac way back when.

[4] Though much has been made of HC’s own iconoclasm, and though she does have a Moon-Uranus square, she also has Saturn, her most elevated planet, closely square her Mercury and ASC. Thus her tendency to play the Saturn role, particularly in close (even adversarial!) relationships with men, onto whom she often projects Uranus, finding men, like Wild Bill and DT, who serve as perfect hooks. Thus she played the role of Saturn and had to deal with DT playing the role of Uranus. See chapter II of my Your Hidden Face: Projection in the Horoscope (AFA 2014), available through me, the American Federation of Astrologers, or that corporate entity named after a powerful group of women.

[5] See chapter V of Your Hidden Face.

[6] Both Saturn and the 12th have to do with “karma,” a much-used word, though in different ways. To discuss those “ways” would take us rather far afield. “Karma,” here, refers simply to cause-and-effect.

[7] As I said earlier, though, his Sun-Moon opposition connects directly to the U.S. Mars-Neptune square, suggesting that he would line up quite nicely with the militaristic deception pattern outlined above.




Last time, I spoke, with what I considered admirable clarity (though perhaps, considering the nature of Neptune, I let my self-deception get the better of me) about the abject lack of clarity running amok (if a lack can run amok, or run at all) in this oft-rather-deluded land of ours, a lack of clarity symbolized by transiting Neptune squaring the United States’ Sagittarius ascendant. Since I wrote those (I hope) wise and (perhaps) witty words, the lack of clarity has, so to speak, increased ten-fold.  Need I remind you that media has played a formative role in all this? Hardly surprising; Time Warner owns Mad Magazine.

Consider the way the wise and witty Donald Trump, a chap currently calling himself the commander in chief, did a curious about-face on the matter of regime change and Russia, first announcing that he would have none of the former and that he saw no reason not to act friendly toward the latter (views your friendly astrological blogster found quite reasonable even if they came from one of the least reasonable mortals meandering through the political marshes); then consider the way the whole matter seemed to disappear from the MSM as quickly as Alice’s rabbit heading down a hole, as reasonable questions about what had just happened got lost in a  torrent of tweets, ramblings, and mystifications from the aforementioned DT. MSM and populace both seemed to forget the whole matter, with the latter having perhaps developed a short attention-span when it comes to the places our commanders-in-chief decide to attack, the list having grown rather long over the years and the news accounts increasingly sycophantic. It was enough to make one wonder if someone other than DT was running (so to speak) the show.

For the record: Mr. DT for many months had insisted a) that he did not favor regime change, and that b) he saw no reason to antagonize the Great Bear to the east, both of which policies apparently arose from his desire to “make deals” with various parties, nefarious or otherwise. He then declared that a certain Mr. Assad had to go, to effect which going he sent – after, curiously enough, warning the gentle Assad – a slew of tomahawk missiles plummeting into an air-base in a purportedly Russian-controlled part of Syria, though, much in the manner of many commander-in-chiefs before him, he decided to forgo the gathering of evidence before launching the attack, apparently going with his significantly-sized gut as he lashed out at a newly minted enemy.

Though the bombing gave DT a brief respite from the ongoing MSM-originating criticism that had dogged his administration (not, in this blogster’s opinion, without good reason), the criticism soon returned. After all, so much stupidity spews from the mouth of our chatty (and perhaps brain-damaged) commander-in-chief that even the MSM, in myriad other cases the minion of misgovernment, could not ignore it and so returned to the hypocritical sort of haranguing that now floods our “news outlets.” SNAFU? So it seems. But when what we call “normal” really qualifies as a severely disfunctional – a term one might apply not only to Mr. DT, but to the MSM, the FBI, and the CIA as well — we should probably feel concern.

Notably, the square from TR Neptune to the U.S. Ascendant refers not only, or even primarily, to Mr. DT or to the presidential hierarchy.[1] Neptune rules Pisces, intercepted in the United States’ third house, a house suggesting the media and various domestic sources of “information.” DT may speak truly when he criticizes the media, particularly the MSM, but when he speaks about false news and such, we should probably see that the fellow as befuddled by his own projections. Many MSM sources would have us believe that we came within a whisker of a decidedly unwise war and that the danger arose because of the dangerous wackiness of a chap who, oddly enough, qualified as the peace candidate during the campaign. Yet one wonders why the regime-change agenda seemed, of a sudden, back in force.

We have seen this before, methinks: delusion thought necessary to keep our military men and machines at the ready, though one never quite knows for what. In astrology, we read a transit back to the natal horoscope, so when the U.S. has a transit from Neptune, we should look to the N Mars-Neptune square in the 7/4/1776 horoscope, an aspect reflecting the United States’ tendency, evident throughout its history, to deceive (Neptune), via the news media (Pisces in the third house (H3)), about foreign involvements (N. Neptune in H9[2]) as a pretext for aggression (N Mars in H7), pretending the while that the threat begins with enemies (H7), not with the United States. We might, in pondering these matters, recall Marie Louise von Franz’s statement about projection and projectiles: “When one becomes the target of another person’s negative projection, one often experiences that hatred almost physically as a projectile.” (See Projection and Recollection in Jungian Psychology.)

Now, admittedly, DT, with his abundant Gemini-and-Sagittarius material, mutability from A to Z, has not seen fit to manifest much in the way of consistency, but such an about-face on policies that he seemed least likely to do an about-face on – policies that, at least in this merry blogster’s opinion, seemed about the only worthwhile notions emerging from our leader’s addled brain – should, to put the matter mildly, give us pause. Remember that DT advocated such policies in opposition to the neo-liberal (and neo-conservative) elites who have, over the years, shown a troubling fondness for regime change and missile-attacks. Perhaps those elites didn’t feel very fond of an approach to international relations that didn’t promise much in the way of wartime profits for the munitions industries or much in the way of fulsome praise for the government clowns who service them.

In sum, the square from TR Neptune to the U.S. Ascendant-Descendant axis tells us about a situation that encompasses more than merely the man with the DTs. Those purveying that deception do so in order to facilitate the expansionist dictates symbolized by the U.S. Sagittarius Ascendant, particularly with Jupiter, ruler of that Ascendant, on the cusp of the H8 (the resources of others): taking or controlling others’ resources to facilitate imperialist ends yet voiced as a matter of security (Jupiter, plus Venus, Sun, and Mercury in Cancer). The aspect implicates not only DT, but the MSM, the FBI, and the CIA as well. (The CIA, connected with “foreign service,” foments all manner of deception related to foreign countries (N. Neptune in H9). DT may function nicely as a carrier of Neptune-related energies, whether indicated in the natal horoscope or by transit, but that other triumvirate should trouble us at least as much, for they do a much more effective job in the deception department, having had many more years of practice.

Three more things. 1. I said before the election that DT would eventually line up nicely with this country’s expansionist and militaristic policies. My reasons: his Gemini Sun falls on the U.S. Mars, and his Sun-Moon opposition squares the U.S. Neptune, with the Sagittarius Moon conjoining the aforementioned U.S. Sagittarius Ascendant. His position on the military budget should therefore come as no surprise. 2. Transiting (TR) Saturn has now turned retrograde, beginning its move back to station directly on DT’s Sun-Moon opposition. Expect organized opposition from the elites to increase the pressure on DT as Saturn moves back toward the beginning of the 3rd decanate of Sagittarius. 3. TR Neptune not only squares the U.S. Ascendant-Descendant axis, but trines the U.S. Sun and quincunxes the U.S. Saturn in Libra in H10, setting off the N Sun-Saturn square. Neptune’s transit to those positions suggests what I mention above: that we have no certainty, at this juncture, about who is in charge – matters to which we can return in the next installment.

Next time: the solar arc (SA) movement of the United States’ natal Sun-Saturn square into aspect with the U.S. Ascendant-Descendant axis.

[1] TR Neptune does trine the N Sun, though, and it squares the N. Saturn, which squares the N. Sun from the tenth house. We will return to these matters in the next installment.

[2] Both Neptune and Pisces, Neptune’s dignity, are intercepted.





…presidents, when not outright telling lies, feel obliged to shade the truth most of the time. This is called politics; when a President lies successfully, he is called a statesman. – Gore Vidal: “Wiretapping the Oval Office”

U.S.A. 2 WHEELER 040417



Horoscopes: 1. Notice transiting Neptune in the 3rd house of the outer wheel, closely squaring the United States ascendant. 2.  Notice secondary progressed Mars at 9Libra25 in the second house of the outer wheel, just past its square to natal Mercury at 8Cancer51.

I assume that by now you all find yourselves awash in our current president’s disregard for anything resembling consensus reality. Mr. (appropriately initialed) DT’s many, myriad, and multitudinous lies have been well-documented. Unfortunately for those of us seeking to cut through bullshit, the documenters come from a group I have dubbed the Four Fabricators of the Apocalypse (FFOTA): the main stream media (MSM), often reporting on the “findings” of that unblessed trinity of liars, the CIA, the FBI, and the NSA.

Who to believe? DT, who, despite his many recorded untruths, stretched truths, and cruel fantasies, has not yet gotten himself impeached (though not, one might think, for lack of trying)? The FFOTA, a group of entities that, individually and in various combinations, have a reputation for lying unrivalled in the modern world, with DT having neither their skill nor their longevity in practicing the prevaricating art.

When lying rears its two-faced head, many astrologers will point to Neptune and Mercury as the usual suspects, and quite rightly so (though other factors will sometimes play a role, of course). No surprise, then, that Mr. DT has those planets in square in his natal horoscope, with Mercury at 8 Cancer and Neptune at 5 Libra: the man builds mental structures from falseness. DT’s secondary progressed (SP) Mars remains within orb of squaring that Mercury (see the outer wheel of the two-wheeler chart; look for SP Mars around the 8 o’clock position), telling us that (considering the appropriate orbs) that the aspect marked DT’s entire campaign period: forceful (SA Mars) fantasies masquerading (Neptune), at least in his mind, via words (Mercury) as truth.

But let’s put Mr. DT to the side for a moment and notice that transiting (TR) Neptune has, for some time now, found itself squaring the United States’ Sagittarius ascendant. (See Neptune on the outer wheel of the 2-wheeler, down at the midnight position.)[1] Conclusion: though DT, perhaps with the psychological DTs, has a life-long tendency to mistake fantasy for truth (i.e. he has that Mercury-Neptune square), the United States as a whole finds itself in the throes of fantasy epidemic that, resulting from the viruses emanating from both DT and the FFOTA, has taken root in what we might call the “national psyche.” Furthermore, the U.S. natal horoscope has, like Trump’s, an afflicted Neptune. To grasp the situation, we need to recognize that both DT and the FFOTA have, to put the matter mildly, some resistance to truth-telling. Both have lied and will continue to do so. Recommendation? Withhold belief.[2]

What, then, does TR Neptune portend or offer as it squares the U.S. Sagittarius ascendant? As I have often said before, that ascendant symbolizes the way the United States has always insisted on expansionist ideology. Some centuries back, the expansionist tendency expressed itself through the slaughter of the native peoples of this continent, a process buoyed by ideologies like Manifest Destiny (a term coined around the time of Neptune’s discovery); more recently, it has expressed itself through such misguided ventures as the Vietnam War, CIA-driven incursions in South and Central America, and all manner of neo-liberal policies.

The ascendant symbolizes the way the nation expresses itself in the world; Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, suggests ideology, expansion, and foreign nations. Jupiter, the ruler, is in Cancer on the cusp of the 8th house: in order to further this expansion, the United States depends on the resources, property, or monies of other countries (8th house), and sees this process as necessary to the national security (Cancer). The placement of the natal (N) Sun and Mercury in Cancer and the 8th reiterates this tendency.

Thus the theory: the accusations emanating from the FFOTA have little to do with a concern for honesty in politics and everything to do with the way DT stands in the way of the neo-liberal program – an expansionist doctrine in sophisticated garb – put forth by Obama, both Clintons, and many other so-called liberals, among others. I don’t mean to suggest that we shouldn’t concern ourselves with DT’s dishonesty and cruelty, but we should remain wary of the motives of those who oppose him – particularly the FFOTA, for history shows that their dishonesty and cruelty rivals DT’s and has a much longer track record.

As noted, the U.S. natal horoscope has a close square from Mars in Gemini in the 7th up to Neptune in Virgo in the 9th; with Gemini and Virgo as the two Mercury-ruled signs in the zodiac, we see again the Neptune-Mercury question, again with the admixture of Mars (as in DT’s SP Mars aspect). That Mars-Neptune square suggests a tendency to misrepresent situations (to again put the matter mildly) as a prelude to aggression. Neptune in the 9th house suggests, on the one hand, deception connected with foreign countries and, on the other, a deceptive national vision. Surely “American Exceptionalism” and “Manifest Destiny” give us excellent examples of such a vision; just as surely, such notions promote aggression. With Neptune-ruled Pisces hidden away (intercepted) in the 3rd house, this deception will affect national opinion while running beneath the surface.

As for the “foreign country” element of the 9th, Neptune’s position in that house suggests both deception from foreign countries and deception about them lodged in a hidden way in public opinion. Let’s admit that some foreign countries deceive some of the time; let’s further admit that both the Soviet Union and Russia have at times qualified as one of those foreign countries. But the U.S. citizenry has fallen for domestic deceptions before and watched the horrific results: consider Iraq in both 1991 and 2003; consider the ongoing series of misrepresentations regarding one Latin American country after another for many decades; consider the series of lies and misrepresentations that led to and gave continual support to the U.S. invasion of Vietnam; consider the refusal of the MSM to detail the crimes of U.S. allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia. Once we’ve considered those, we can go back to the 19th century and before.[3]

If the U.S. ascendant in Sagittarius represents, among other things, this country’s desire for expansion based on an ongoing desire to accumulate (Jupiter, ruler of that ascendant) values (e.g. resources) of other countries (Jupiter on the cusp of the 8th) in an ongoing attempt to maintain “national security” (Cancer, the sign location of Jupiter, midheaven ruler Venus, the Sun, and Mercury), the square from Neptune suggests deceptions related to that expansionist ideology, with the deceptions emerging from the press and affecting national opinion (3rd house). Add to that N. Mars in the 7th, suggesting that the United States will generally see the aggression as coming from others, with conclusions drawn largely from the aforementioned  ideology (Neptune in 9th square Mars in 7th) and you have a nice picture of the current situation (and, of course, many in the past).

When we look at matters this way, Trump’s lack of adherence to truth (to speak euphemistically) appears not as an isolated incident but as part of a national pattern. We can call DT to order as much as we wish, but we court disaster if we don’t pay attention to his accusers, scrutinizing them with even more care than we do DT, for they seem much more skilled at what they do than does our good president (which, admittedly, isn’t saying much). We should see the problems facing us as national ones, connected not only or even primarily with the madman currently sitting behind a big desk at the end of Pennsylvania Avenue, but with a process that goes on more or less constantly.

A final note: if we ask what astrological factors have brought the Mars-Neptune square to the fore these days, we don’t have to look beyond what some astrologers will consider the usual suspect: check your ephemeris and you will find that the same TR Saturn that has given DT so much grief in recent weeks has, and will, made challenging aspects to that natal aspect. If you feel worried, congratulate yourself on your wisdom.

[1] I use a variation of the Rudhyar horoscope, using the time Rudhyar offered but not using a Sibley horoscope.

[2] TR Neptune is moving slowly toward DT’s Sun-Moon opposition, the same opposition that now, due to the transit of Saturn conjoining his Moon and opposing his Sun, has brought DT all sorts of challenges from the ruling hierarchy. As Mr. Melville put it, long ago, ‘something more may follow from this masquerade.’

[3] Neptune in the 9th can also suggest incoherent foreign policy. That seems like an accurate description of what has gone on for some time now, but let’s put the matter aside for now.



                                                        – Tim Lyons 01/23/17

Horoscopes: Donny Trump with transits; United States with transits



In my last blog entry, I talked about obstacles coming up in the horoscope of a n’er do well chap named Donny Trump. Those obstacles had to do with Saturn, and now that they’ve come up – though admittedly they haven’t come up strongly enough to deny him “the greased pig in the field game of American politics” (Ambrose Bierce’s definition of Presidency) – we can see that the voice of judgment have come along just as Saturn has moved into an opposition with Trump’s Sun and conjunction with his Moon. Some of these difficulties have come from women – millions of them, it seems – which shouldn’t surprise anyone, with Saturn conjoining Dangerous Donny’s natal Moon. And, of course, Donny may have more to come, as these transits will return, due to Saturn’s upcoming retrograde movement, in July, August, and September of this year.

That troubles have come to the mastery of trumpery may induce many a “liberal” or “progressive” to jump for joy, but I would advise those folks not to get carried away – or, I should say, not to take their collective eyes off of the great ball of wax known as “geopolitical gamesmanship.”

On the same day that then-President-Elect-Donny gave his “first press conference” (an old tradition, that, always full of misplaced favoritism and politeness in which reporters seem so anxious to keep their seat at the rhetorical table that they often forget to ask important questions, now metamorphosed, in the pudgy and fidgety hands of D. Trump, into a celebration of insult and ignorance), the United States moved thousands of troops toward Russia’s border, apparently as a response to purported Russian interference in U.S. affairs, particularly purported interference in U.S. elections (i.e. opportunities, as Mr. Bierce would have it, to vote for the man of another man’s choice) and a variety of (no doubt both purported and real) humanitarian violations perpetrated by Russia.

The development should give us pause. Putting aside the hypocrisy of the action – have we forgotten the number of times that the United States interfered in the elections of other countries, including but not limited to Russia, or that the United States has perpetrated its own apparently-endless series of war crimes against Iraq and other nations, leading to hundreds of thousands of deaths and the rise of the Islamic State? – putting all that aside, should we wonder at the ways that the “free press” in this country (if we can call it such after eight years of attacks from the Obama administration, not to mention the totalitarian tendencies of Mr. Shrub) has spent so much time on allegations and much less time on troop movements.

Let us note that the movement of Saturn to oppose Trump’s Sun and conjoin his Moon also brings it into challenging aspect with the United States’ Mars-Neptune square, with Mars at 22 Gemini and Neptune at 21 Virgo.

I have spoken of the United States Mars-Neptune square before, noting it as one of the three major problematic afflictions in the U.S. horoscope (the other two being the Sun-Saturn square and the Mercury-Pluto opposition), each of which involves this country’s relations with other nations or groups, and each of one has a clear historical association with warfare. More particularly, the Mars-Neptune square has a connection with the tendency of the United States to, in case after case, see other nations or groups as the instigators of unacceptable aggression (Mars in the 7th house: open enemies), to foment delusion through the propagation of a deceptive national ideology (Neptune in the 9th) based in inequality (Virgo having to do with inequality: American exceptionalism:), and to go to war (Mars) based on a series of deceptions (Neptune).

In case after case, the United States has gone to war after the government had lied to the people. The 2003 invasion of Iraq and the much earlier decision to bomb North Vietnam offer obvious and egregious examples, but we can add to them the U.S. entry into World War I (look up “Creel Commission”), the ways we got into World War II (see George Morgenstern’s “The Actual Road to Pearl Harbor,” in Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace (1953), edited by Harry Elmer Barnes), the U.S. attack on Iraq in 1991, and, in developments now tossed down the memory hole, the invasion of Mexico in 1846 (see below) and the centuries-long slaughter of the native peoples of this continent. Of course, many of those developments involved solar arc directions, a different kettle of fish than transits; nevertheless, present and upcoming (July-September) transits should, at the very least, give us pause.

We have a situation in which the public has been fed all sorts of allegations, the content seeming to change by the day, about various sorts of Russian interference, with the most well-known having to do with election interference and some sort of tapes that purportedly show Trump in some sort of compromised situation. Yet as these allegations come out, transiting (TR) Saturn squares natal (N) Neptune in the United States horoscope and moves to oppose N Mars, a pair of aspects fraught with danger. With Neptune in the 9th house of the national horoscope, U.S. citizens may convince themselves that the deception (Neptune) lies in other countries (9th house: foreign places) and has do with inequality (Virgo), but the aspect occurs in the United States horoscope, not in Russia’s.

At what point did so-called progressives start taking the CIA’s allegations as statements of fact?

Saturn represents, among other things, the reality principle and the force of contraction. As we have seen, TR Saturn has brought reality home to roost for Mr. Donny. However, the U.S. natal Neptune foments delusions of all sorts related to foreign countries, and though we should certainly have a concern about Mr. Trump, we shouldn’t let that concern induce us to take our eyes off the ball. Massing United States troops on the Russian border seems to this observer an inconceivably idiotic action, yet one consistent with many of the provocation perpetrated by the Obama administration vis a vis Russia.

Of course, any Neptune activity will make rather difficult to distinguish fact from fantasy; an activated Neptune can indicate a tendency to get caught up in delusions, in this case delusions related to foreign countries (9th) even if the delusions have their source closer to home. In general, Saturn, the transiting planet, brings the limits of tangible reality to bear upon the natal tendency to fantasize or idealize (or to fantasize based on misplaced idealism). Saturn also represents the repressive and/or structuring elements of government. The U.S. horoscope has Saturn in the 10th, representing this country’s ongoing desire and tendency to play the role of rule-maker in its public relations with other nations. In other words, we make the rules and expect other nations to get in line.  As I have said in other places, the U.S. natal Saturn’s square to the Sun in Cancer in the 8th points directly at this nation’s habit (euphemistically so called) of rigging the game (Saturn in Libra in the 10th) so that we can take the resources of others (8th house) to establish our own security (Sun in Cancer).

Thus a Saturn transit to the natal Mars-Neptune suggests a tendency to make rules and establish limits in order to facilitate the empire-building process – or, at least, the resource-controlling process, for today’s imperialism has much to do with resources, particularly oil and gas, of which Russia contains a copious supply – via aggression. Saturn-Neptune suggests confusion about what qualifies as true or accurate; Saturn-Mars suggests that the United States makes a rule related to an aggression claimed as external even as the United States clearly qualifies as the aggressive policy.

None of this means, of course, that Vladimir Putin and his cohorts qualify as poor and put-upon victims. When material gets projected, the projector (in this case the United States) finds an appropriate “hook” for the projection: someone or something upon whom or which the projection seems to fit quite nicely. The decidedly non-angelic Mr. Putin certainly fits the bill; however, when projections arise, the projector generally makes a mess of things by trying to attack the hook. Rather, the projector, whether a nation or a person, generally does better to try to withdraw the projection. This means to see more clearly and to speak more honestly to oneself.

Some might say, accurately, that Dangerous Donny has declared his desire to make deals with Russia, not to massing troops on the Russian order. Good! In his scattershot approach to pronouncement and policy, Donny got that one right. He has not, however, made similar statements regarding China, a potentially more serious matter. As I said, the aspects return in some months. And then there’s Neptune.





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I keep intending to give up on this blog, as I seem to have fewer readers than I have pseudonyms, but people of various descriptions keep buttonholing me on the street and asking me to tell ‘em about the astrological picture of the just-concluded election and what that picture tells us about the future of Les Etats Unis. I will briefly discuss two questions related to these matters:

  1. What goes on, these days, in the United States horoscope?
  2. What about this notion that the Trump will never get to the oval office, whether because votes get overturned (particularly in places with electronic voting), or because electors decide not to vote for Mr. Trump, or because something else comes up?

The United States Horoscope

Those who have read my various columns and books or who have attended the talks I sometimes have given at local astrology associations over the years know that I do a lot with the three major afflictive aspects in the United States horoscope, and that I do a lot with the solar arc directions involving those three aspects,

Let’s briefly review the three afflictive aspects:

  1. The Mercury-Pluto opposition from late Cancer to late Capricorn symbolizes the nation’s tendency, evident long before 1776, to project underworld energies onto others, originally the native peoples of this continent, later onto black slaves, later still onto the descendants of those slaves, and most recently onto various groups of Middle Easterners or Muslims.
  2. The square from Mars in Gemini to Neptune in Virgo symbolizes the way this country goes to war based on deceptions, of which we can point to at least two types: a. deception about war-aims, or about the facts-on-the-ground in the various foreign nations on which the United States has trained its artillery; b. self-deception, evident on the domestic scene, in which people, whether rulers or citizens, take as fact a variety of deceptive notions about “national destiny” (“Manifest” or otherwise). With natal (N) Mars in the 7th, the United States generally projects aggression onto other nations, casting those nations in the role of aggressor no matter how many provocations have come from “the land of the free.”
  3. The square from the Sun in Cancer in the 8th house up to Saturn in Libra in the 10th.

This third one concerns me these days (though the first two will, in the coming years, re-enter the picture quite decisively). If we move this Sun-Saturn square forward via solar arc (SA) direction to the present, we find the SA Sun at 13 Pisces and SA Saturn at 15 Gemini, the former squaring the United States’ Sagittarius ascendant, the latter opposing it. The natal (N) Sun-Saturn square points to the way this country has so often tried to play the authority role (Saturn) among nations (with the 10th house symbolizing public presentation), speaking always of justice (Libra) even as it takes the resources of other countries (8th house) and incorporates them into this country’s drive for security (Sun in Cancer). The aspect obviously has a lot to do with the arising of the “national security state.”

When SA Mercury and SA Pluto have contacted the same U.S ascendant, the country has either entered a major war (World War I, the 2003 invasion of Iraq) or offered major assertions about international affairs (the Monroe Doctrine). With SA Sun-Saturn, though, we can expect something a bit different, particularly with secondary progressed (SP) Mars now retrograde (as it has been since the U.S. invaded Iraq), a development which will last 70 years and bring all manner of difficulty in national self-assertion.[1]

Different how? First, Saturn opposing the U.S. ascendant suggests a restriction on U.S. expansion. Obviously enough, this has already occurred – and though I know liberals don’t like anyone to say anything good about Trump, he has said that the United States should curb its expansionist tendencies and get out of the business of regime-change. The 7th house symbolizes “open enemies” (among other matters, of course) and open warfare, and Trump has voiced his opposition to international conflict. (Admittedly, he has also said that “we” must wipe out ISIS – hard to accomplish without international conflict!)

In general, the SA directions to the ascendant suggests that the United States’ tendency to expand into the world militarily, ideologically, and economically will take different forms. Other countries, often seen as enemies, will arise as limiting factors (SA Saturn opposing the ascendant), while the need for new structures and venues appears through the square from SA Sun to the same ascendant. Again, I think Trump has shown himself more in tune with this, one factor in his surprising showing in the election. (Note that I don’t see this as a praise of Trump. Hitler, too, arose in response to collective developments, and we do not see him as a better man for having done so!)

One additional point(among many I could mention): transiting (TR) Uranus has been squaring the U.S. Mercury (at 24 Cancer), suggesting that the thinking of the citizenry (Mercury) has taken a radical turn. This aspect surely suggests what many others have claimed as true: that the Democrats should have nominated Sanders, a person more in tune with the times, particularly that element of “the times” symbolized by a square from TR Uranus to N Mercury in the nation’s horoscope, for if Mercury suggests the climate of opinion, Uranus symbolizes a yearning for the new, a yearning for radical change, and a sweeping dislike of business as usual. I have often referred to Uranus as the ‘Jack Kerouac approach to existence,’ for Dean Moriarity says, in On the Road, ‘We don’t know where we’re going, and we don’t know what it’s like there, but it’s not here, and we’ve been here, and we don’t like it.’ Clearly Ms. Clinton did not offer much in the way of (Uranian) new ideas (though, as the possible first woman president, she would have offered substantial change in at least that area). So, again, we can see some astrological reasons for Trump’s strong showing.

The Astrology of Donny Trump 101

During the campaign, I and other astrologers warned that because TR Saturn was moving upward in Trump’s horoscope and downward in Ms. Clinton, the latter should surely take the former seriously. The aforementioned TR Uranus made positive aspects to Trump’s horoscope – trine his Moon, sextile his Sun – during the campaign, so he campaigned as the candidate of change, with the aforementioned surprising (to some) results. Add to this the fact that SA Sun lay precisely on his ascendant during the campaign, suggesting powerful influence as he in some sense came out of the closet.

But though he has purportedly won the Electoral College, will he actually get into office? Good question. The electors the aforementioned disreputable College do not have to vote for him. Now that Ms. Clinton’s victory in the popular vote has become increasingly clear, what can we expect? The following astrological factors seem relevant:

  1. Mercury will turn retrograde in mid-December at 15 Capricorn, opposing the U.S. Sun and squaring the U.S. Saturn, symbols connected with the U.S authority system. When Mercury turns retrograde, many matters come up for reconsideration. Because this one contacts the N Sun-Saturn square, and because the retrograde station takes place in the house of values (and aspects the Sun in the 8th: the values of others), we can expect some re-thinking, re-considering, and perhaps re-calibrating. This phrasing could, obviously enough, point to the recounting of votes in those places that use electronic voting machines almost exclusively, and such developments could prove important, for, as we know, only a few companies make the voting machines presently in use. The same retrograde could indicate that Electors might wish to change their minds. With the climate of opinion running so much in such an iconoclastic vein (so to speak), we should not be surprised at what electors, or the rest of us, decide to think, particularly about the traditional (Saturn) way of doing things. A historical note: Mercury turned retrograde at election-time in 2000. As so often occurs with a Mercury retrograde station, all sorts of changes occurred: new facts came to light; election functionaries had a hard time tracking down other facts. The difficulties had to do with what occurred right on election-day. The current retrograde happens some weeks after the election and thus seems to have more connection to a) possible electoral college voting, and b) investigations regarding vote-counting problems or fraud related to computer-ballots.
  2. Transiting Saturn, symbolizing restrictions and problems with authority systems, will pay an important visit to Trump’s horoscope, conjoining his Sagittarius Moon and opposing his Gemini Sun in late December and into January (and again later in the year, particularly from July into October). During his campaign, Trump played the Uranus card, but Uranus fathers Saturn (or Cronus): new ideas lead to new forms; the groundbreaking must find practical application; the new (Uranus) becomes the standard (Saturn); revolutionary rhetoric meets reality. More particularly, with these afflictive aspects, Trump should expect all sorts of challenges from authority systems. Saturn-Moon suggests that Trump will feel cut off, without emotional support; that the Moon serves as the exalted ruler of his Taurus midheaven suggests that these developments have vocational relevance: the people who cut him off may appear in his profession. Perhaps even more difficult, the opposition from TR Saturn to the N Sun suggests difficulties coming from people in authority or who occupy important positions in relevant hierarchies, profound dejection and limitations or blockages related to Trump’s drive for significance. Because the Sun rules Trump’s Leo ascendant, the transit, important for anyone receiving it, has added significance for Mr. Trump. Whether these challenges come as a denial of privilege (as would occur, for example, if the electoral vote goes against him) or simply as a contraction of popularity, we can surely expect some hard times for him. (A man can often run for office as an iconoclast and rebel, but once he gets to the keys to the Big Truck, he must obey some rules of the road.)
  3. One more factor: the secondary progressed (SP) Moon will enter Trump’s 12th house in eight months, beginning its influence there some months before that. The 12th, traditionally considered the house of losses, sorrows, and open enemies, suggests that Trump will find people working against him whom he considered allies. If he survives and gets himself inaugurated, this progression will bring him all manner of difficulty in pubic matters (for, as noted, the Moon serves as the exalted ruler of Trump’s midheaven); it could, though, indicate that he has come to the end of his run. As I write this, SP Moon conjoins Trump’s N Saturn precisely; thus, the feeling of difficulty may progress steadily – and soon. As with all situations, we find mitigating factors: TR Uranus will continue to have a positive effect on Trump, and TR Jupiter in Libra will also bring an uplifting effect via its trine to his N Moon and sextile to his N Sun. These provide powerful boosts to Trump, of course; nevertheless, one should never underestimate the strength of Saturn, the ‘lord of this world,’ who, though remaining in the penumbra during the campaign, now has come within range of Trump’s two “lights” (the Sun and Moon). At best, he will experience severe limitations.

These comments do not exhaust the possibilities, but they should give you some idea of some of the astrological factors to watch.


  • The United States three wheeler: inner wheel = natal horoscope (N); middle wheel = solar arc directions (SA); outer wheel = transits (TR).
  • Donald Trump: inner wheel = natal horoscope; middle wheel = secondary progressions (SP); outer wheel = transits.

[1] As Mars slowed, during the final decades of the 20th century and the first few years of the 21st, to its retrograde station, the U.S. had more and more difficulty achieving anything resembling success in its attempts at international aggression, a process culminating (if that’s the word!) with the invasion of Iraq in 2003, when, with Mars stationing, U.S. efforts backfired. Many astrologers, including myself, have suggested that with SP Mars retrograde, we will see aggression (Mars) turned within (retrograde). This seems to have occurred, as police forces use more and more high-powered military equipment to control the populace. With SP Mars in retrograde motion, we should not be surprised to see the state-as-lawgiver combine with aggression-turned-inward to see more and more restrictions on citizens. But that seems like a discussion for another entry.


At the conclusion of the previous installment, I more-or-less promised that I would go on to talk about Ms. Clinton and what I think I called her “merry wit.” As a preamble, I present some facts: a friend (I think he perhaps made the mistake of contributing money to the Dems sometime recently and thus finds himself besieged by funding letters, as if Ms. C needs money from the likes of him when she can get millions from Wall Street and such) recently received a funding letter from the Clinton entourage, informing him that ‘we are all in this together.’

Say what? Aside from the vagueness regarding pronoun reference (for what, exactly, does “this” refer to?), I found myself trying to envisage anything that I could or would be “in” together with the unsavory wife and business-partner of Wild Bill. Coming up with nothing, I took it as yet another example of Ms. C’s aforementioned merry wit.

Also this: much as I might hold Mr. Donny Trump in contempt, I find him more progressive than Ms. Clinton on many international matters. For example, he has come out quite forcefully against the TPP, another of those “trade deals” for which the Clintons have always shown such great fondness. For example, too, he has shown himself much less prone to aggression against other countries than has Ms. C (a rather low bar, there, admittedly); for all that he shows abject ignorance in matters related to domestic security or almost anything else, Affable Donny doesn’t (so far) seem to have Ms. Clinton’s penchant for swaggering into other parts of the world and making a goddamn mess of things. And, of course, he seems much more honest than does the former First Lady in Waiting (waiting for, I suppose, her turn at the helm), for while she consistently portrays herself as a leftist when she seems quite the opposite, Donny Boy seems quite willing to come out and show us that he knows nothing about anything except his own purportedly wondrous self, a legend in his own mind, insofar as he has one.

Anyway, on to the astrology of it all, noting as we make that move that we have good reason to doubt, and more and more as years pass, that the person who gets the most votes will win the election, evidence for which emerged in the 2016 Democratic primaries, the 2000 presidential election, and, which may emerge from the just-starting Republican convention. These matters have astrological relevance, suggesting as they do that we should take a close look at some of the old “rules” that astrologers applied to elections.

One of those rules, as I think I stated in my last installment, goes something like this: note first whether transiting (TR) Saturn descends (moving toward the nadir from the midheaven) or ascends (moving from the nadir toward the midheaven) in the candidate’s horoscope; favor the candidate for whom Saturn does the latter. We saw that, in the case of Affable Donny, Saturn has begun its ascent, but that, alas for the Affable One, it will conjoin his Moon and oppose his Sun around election-time. What about Ms. C? She has TR Saturn descending, moving from her first house into her second, which doesn’t bode well for her.[1]

On the other hand, TR Saturn, now and in the run-up to the election, will trine Ms. C’s natal (N) Mar-Pluto conjunction (powerful action) and N Saturn. True enough, it will also square her N Moon around election time – her N Moon in Pisces, note, squares Affable Donny’s N Sun-Moon opposition, which no doubt partly accounts for the fact that distinct lack of affection they show for each other – but, as Merry Ms. C finds herself pitted against someone else whose Moon will receive an afflictive Saturn transit, we can probably say that the TR Saturn-to-N Moon stuff cancels out.

As the N Moon has to do with one’s emotional connection to others, and as each candidate has the N Moon in a strong position (Ms. C at the handle of a bucket, Affable Donny opposed the Sun and, some would say, as the handle of his bucket) these difficult transits from Saturn to the N Moon may account for what many have called the extreme unpopularity of the two candidates. What doesn’t cancel out: Ms. C’s 12th house planets, including Sun, Chiron, and Venus, suggesting, as a group, that she has secrets (12th) not divulged that may emerge as “hidden enemies” and trip her up. We shall see.

On the other side of the electoral ledger, we should note that Ms. C will have TR Jupiter entering her 11th, from her 10th, and with the expansive power of Jolly Jupiter in her two most public houses, we can expect an expansion (Jupiter) of social influence (10th and 11th). Besides, Jupiter will go on to sextile the three Leo planets (Mars, Pluto, Saturn, mentioned above) unleashing a strong drive for ego-driven public power. Merry Ms. C has N Jupiter in Sagittarius (its own sign) in the 1st, making that planet extremely influential for her generally.

Admittedly, the mention of “ego driven public power” might make us think of Affable Donny, who, with his conjunction of Mars and ascendant in Leo, seems to have made a kitschy art-form out of dramatically aggressive self-involvement. However, the Merry Ms. C has three important planets in Leo – the two rulers of her Scorpio ascendant conjoining each other (Mars-Pluto conjunction), with both in a loose conjunction with Saturn, a planet connected with ambition – so she’ll give Donny a good run in the any contest involving aggressive self-involvement, no doubt endearing herself to the public in the process. Notably, though, her Leo planets reside in Donny’s 12th house, so Ms. C may activate the Affable One’s hidden enemies.

All of which seems to point to a victory for the Merry Lady of the Boardroom, but something else continues to bug me. This: you can tell a lot about a person’s popularity in this fair country, however unaccountable otherwise, by looking at how that candidate’s horoscope lines up, or doesn’t line up, or runs at odds with the horoscope for the United States. Particularly important, here, is what astrologers call the “Rudhyar chart” for the Declaration of Independence. (Click here to see the horoscope.) When we do some synastry for the two candidates and this horoscope, what do we find?

Let’s start with these:

  1. Merry Ms. C has all of her Scorpio material – Sun, Chiron, Venus, Mercury, Ascendant – in the United States’ 12th, suggesting that people in this country perceive her as shadowy, as somehow imprisoned by some force (e.g. big money?) and thus as untrustworthy. Nothing new in that department!
  2. Affable Donny has his Sun directly on the United States Mars, with his Moon opposing it, his Mars-Ascendant sextiling it and his Jupiter trining it. That U.S. natal Mars, in the 7th and square N Neptune in the 9th, points not only to military aggression (Mars), but more specifically to the way that the United States a) projects Mars onto other countries, seeing the aggression as coming from them even as the United States sends it armies to all areas of the globe, b) acts through deception (Neptune), a pattern traceable throughout this country’s history, with that deception c) emerging from a deceptive national vision (9th house), also traceable throughout the country’s history, evident in such strange ideas as Manifest Destiny and American Exceptionalism.[2]
  3. Of course, Ms. C has her Moon opposite the U.S. Neptune and square the U.S. Mars. This, combined with affable Donny’s aspects to the same position, suggests to me that Ms. Clinton will find herself lined up directly with the deception, meanwhile speaking out against the very aggression that she furthers, while Affable Donny lines up directly with the aggression, meanwhile seeming blissfully aware of the deception, perhaps because he doesn’t see it as deception at all. (After all, if you “believe in” the ideas of Manifest Destiny or American Exceptionalism, you won’t see them as delusions.) These ideas may suggest that Affable Donny’s lack of aggression against other nations indicates only that he hasn’t yet had the chance to show his stuff.
  4. Affable Donny has a Venus-Saturn conjunction conjoined the United States Mercury and opposed the United States Pluto – an important matter we can explore next time.


Donald Trump  Donny Trump

Hillary Clinton   Hillary R. Clinton

United States (“Rudhyar Horoscope”)

Enough for now. Next time – if I decide to do a “next time” – we can look at two rather unpleasant matters: the United States’ relationship to ISIS and the events and patterns in U.S. history that have given rise to the “Black Lives Matter” movement – two issues with a close connection to specific matters in the United States horoscope.

[1] I should note, here, that astrologers have had some discussions about the accuracy of Ms. C’s birth-time; I’ve used the horoscope most astrologers have settled on.

[2] George Bush Sr. also had his Sun conjoined the U.S. Mars.